The Redbirds Are Coming

The St. Louis Cardinals who have been having a season unusual to those in the past seem to be turning it around at the back end of the season. Struggling to find stability in their lineup and bullpen most of the year put them in a rough spot forcing them to fight in the playoff race all year long.

Just a week ago it looked as if all hope was lost with the Cardinals finding themselves  six games out of the NL Central Division race led by the Chicago Cubs. Something seems to have clicked though as the Cardinals have found a rythym in the pet of the season where they most desperately needed to.

In their last 10 games the Cardinals have won eight of those highlighted by good pitching and timely hitting.  After those wins the Cardinals find themselves right in the thick of things for the playoff being only three games out of the division and 2.5 out of the second wild-card spot.

The Cardinals are looking to keep up their good play with one more game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and then a three game series against the Cincinnati Reds, both division rivals.


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