Washington Redskins Season Preview

The 2017 season for the Redskins will be one where every win they get they went out and earned it. Skins schedule this season is one of the toughest in the entire league. Having to already play in the NFC East is tough enough, then add on the AFC West and NFC West, pretty tough schedule. The Skins don’t have much room for error.

The Redskins have a lot of talent across the roster this year but fans and coaches would like to see it translate to the field. Depth at the linebacker position and secondary positions is a great strength that the team has. They have a great group of pass rushers in Kerrigan, Gallette, Preston Smith and Trent Murphy. Skins need that depth outside with Murphy suspended 6 games. The middle isn’t too shabby at all either with Zach Brown, Mason Foster, and Will Compton. That group may just be the best group of tackling linebackers in the NFL.

During the preseason fans got a good look at the run game quite frequently, and it didn’t look so good. Lead back Robert Kelly had an ok rookie season averaging almost 5 yards per carry and 708 yards, but Redskins drafted rookie Samaje Perine. Despite the run game not looking too solid, Perine actually looked great. Many thing he is a steal in the 2017 NFL Draft. Skins recently extended Chris Thompson’s contract, who is the teams primary 3rd down back and a great pass catcher out the backfield. It’s still yet to be seen hope the Redskins run game will pan out, but Kelly and Perine can find a way to be a decent combo, Skins run game will become a strength instead of a liability.

I am a little more optimistic than most. Kirk Cousin will play like an elite QB in his contract year and will have a solid defense to help out. I expect Kirk Cousins to go out and WIN games this season. Skins have teams like Oakland and Denver at home, which is a good thing. He’ll be the reason Skins end the season 10-6 and make playoffs and insert himself as one of the leagues best at the position.


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