Thank You Isaiah Thomas, From a True Boston Sports Fan

Isaiah Thomas , when I first heard that you were coming to the Celtics I had mixed emotions. I haven’t watched much of your play before you wore green, but I knew you were something special. I remember watching your first game at the TD Garden. The offense had a spark with you off the bench, and the atmosphere really showed it.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for the city of Boston, and the surrounding states that forms New England. For helping us land Al Horford and Gordon Hayward , you wanted us to win from day 1. We have shared good times, and the hardships together.

Even after this season is finished, you become a free agent. There’s no telling what you AND Kyrie Irving can do together! I know there is always a place for you and your family in this city. There’s a saying that goes “You can always come back home!” Isaiah Thomas, Boston is your home.

You once said  “We don’t just play with each other, we play for each other.” You played your heart out night in and night out, even after Chyna passed. The fans, in return showed you the love and support that you DESERVED. Nobody could ever take away what you did for the Celtics in the playoffs last year. Your performance will go down in Boston sports history.

To conclude, this may not be a goodbye. As we play against the Cavs this season, the thoughts of your number 4 will play in the back of our minds. With a tearful eye on the future return, or wherever you play, we watch as proud fans who will always gleam with your respect. THANK YOU ISAIAH THOMAS!!!

Photo Credits: CeyCey34 (Youtube)

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