It is Time to Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates

The time has finally come and Pittsburgh Pirates fans are beginning to boycott the team and they have every reason to do so.

After announcing a four-year extension for General Manager Neal Huntington, fans were treated to one of the most ridiculous statements they’ve heard in a long time.

“The more revenue that’s generated, the more we put into the major league club,” said Huntington.

It’s just another instance of passing the buck for the Pirates. With this front office it’s lies, lies, and more lies.

Josh Yohe of, reports that dozens of PNC Park ushers were told to stay home due to poor attendance. Fans should take this as ownership telling fans to stay home as well.

Seriously, why should fans pay to see a team with no hopes of winning? Owner Bob Nutting and Pirates front office have zero intentions of going all in in order to better their odds at winning a World Series and fans know it.

When Huntington told the media that fans need to show up to the ballpark so they can spend more money on the product, it was the most Nutting statement ever.

First off, it’s not the fans obligation to show up. It’s YOUR obligation to give them a reason to show up, Bob. Just because you own a team, it doesn’t entitle you to fans. You have to earn fans. You have to prove to them without a shadow of a doubt that you have their best interests in mind.

Nutting has failed them time and time again, and fans have grown weary of his excuses.

They’re seeing through the smoke and mirrors, Bob. And they’re willing to hit you in the pocketbook.

Fans were showing up in record numbers when the team won 98 games. Do you know what ownership did in reaction to that? They pocketed the fans’ hard-earned money and did nothing to improve the product on the field. They’ll continue to do the same thing as long as fans allow them to do it.

The other excuse the front office loves to use is that Pittsburgh is a small market and these are the struggles of a small market. This is also a bogus excuse used by ownership. You need to look no further than the Kansas City Royals.

The Royals are in one of the smallest markets in Major League Baseball. By the way, they’ve won a World Series recently by going all in and not by making excuses that fans needed to come to games. The Royals continued to keep their window open by being aggressive and making moves.

The Cleveland Indians acquired Andrew Miller last season to get over the hump. It was a move that took them to the World Series. They almost won it all too.

You know what they did after losing the World Series? They acquired Edwin Encarnacion and he’s hit 32 home runs for the Tribe this season. Then at the trade deadline this season they acquired a home run hitting right fielder named Jay Bruce. They stayed aggressive to stay competitive.

It’s time for Pirates ownership to stop passing the buck and start modeling after small market teams who’ve been successful. Fans are savvy. They know better that to allow these shenanigans to continue. Team attendance isn’t going to go up until ownership is willing to prove they are all in.

If you want to make a difference, it’s time for you to stand up and make a difference. Don’t cave in. You deserve better.  Hit ownership where it hurts the most – the pocketbook. Completely ignore the Pirates. It’s the ONLY way to force Nutting’s hand.


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