FanDuel NFL Week 1 Lineup

The moment is finally here! After a long, grueling four weeks of preseason, it has finally come to an end. Many fantasy football players have been left devastated with draft picks going down with injuries and suspensions. That is the beauty of daily fantasy sports, because you have the chance to change your starting lineup with any player you want as long as the salary works all the way up until the games start. I’ve been getting ready for this slate awhile now, so I have got a pretty good idea what to look for and what I am going with. Feel free to hop on board with me and use my picks.

QB- Matt Ryan (8,500) 

We all remember the falcons collaspe in the Super Bowl last year, but we all forget how well Matt Ryan played in the first 3 quarters of that game. He’s a top 5 QB in my eyes and with this matchup against a weak Bears team and healthy weapons around him Matt Ryan is destined to have a good game.

RB 1- LeSean McCoy (8,500)

McCoy has always been a guy to lean on in fantasy sports and this week is definitely no exception. I’m not one to expect the bills to preform well this season, but when they play the Jets… I’m all in. The Jets can’t score, and the bills offense is going to be on the field a ton, which means McCoy is defiantly going to get his reps.

RB 2- Todd Gurley  (7,300)

Coming off an awful sophomore slump, Gurley has a lot to prove this season. A huge key to this play is the fact that Andrew Luck is hurt. This means Indy will have a lot more problems with moving the ball and I think it gives the Rams a real shot at making this ugly early. Indys defense is nothing to brag about and Gurley is going to be the focal point of the Rams offense.

WR 1- Julio Jones (9,000)

Im paying up this week for Julio Jones to pair him with Matt Ryan. There is nobody in this Bears secondary who has a good chance of locking Julio Jones down. He is going to be a huge issue for them all day just as he is to every team who has to face the guy. He’s a complete matchup nightmare and you need to give him some looks in your lineup.

WR 2- Kelvin Benjamin (6,500)

I’m going to go out and say this- this is going to be the lowest you get for Kelvin Benjamin all year, and it’s up against the worst defense in the league from last year. Yeah. I’m going to be all over this one. Kelvin is highly underrated and I think that’s partly due to his big injury. I don’t think people understand this guys got potential to be a top 5-10 WR in the league starting this year. It really just comes down to Cam Newton getting the football in his hands. Again, he has high potential to get off to a quick start this Sunday.

WR 3- Zay Jones (5,100)

Here’s the sleeper pick of the week. As most probably know, Sammy Watkins was traded by the Bills a few weeks ago. This is going to vacate over 200 targets this season and I expect this guy to come out and take a lot of those. Everyone during training camp and preseason was talking about this guy, and he goes up against an awful Jets secondary that also just lost the two best players they even had here last season. Zay could be in for a huge game in just his first game in a Buffalo Bills uniform.

TE- Martellus Bennett (5,700)

This guy was a great producer for the Patriots last year playing behind Gronk. Now he gets a job in Green Bay where he gets to receive passes from Aaron Rodgers who I think has always needed a good solid tight end, and that’s exactly what Martellus Bennet is. He’s going to go out there and have huge potential to catch one or two of the 2-5 touchdowns Rodgers throws every week and on top of that he can be a good solid target when they need to move the chains.

D- Buffalo Bills (4,700)

Again, I really don’t like to target the Bills especially this year. Let’s face it though- this Jets offense is going to be historically bad. They don’t have one guy on their offense that makes you say okay he can go out there and preform for us. The Bills D should definitely give us double digit points this week which is exactly what we want from them.

Good Luck to everyone in DFS this Sunday, can’t wait to play with everyone! Follow us on twitter @FFNowDaily for some daily fantasy content in MLB, NFL, and NBA!

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