New York Jets Season Preview

Notable Gains: Josh McCown, Morris Claiborne , Jermaine Kearse

Notable Losses: Eric Decker, Darrelle Revis , David Harris, Brandon Marshall, and Marcus Gilchrist, Sheldon Richardson

3 Bold Predictions:

  1. Christian Hackenberg throws for 3,200 yards, 17 TDS and 10 Ints
  2. Jamal Adams makes Pro-Bowl and wins DROY
  3. Jermaine Kearse 1,200 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Record Prediction: 2-14

Remember when the Jets were playing in AFC championships avnd Rex Ryan was leading the charge? Oh, how the mighty Jets have fallen. It’s a full rebuild in New York, and this team is young and super inexperienced. Poor Bowles, this team will compete with the Browns for the worst record in the NFL. No doubt they’ll take a QB in 2018 with questions surrounding each of their QBs. Jamal Adams will be huge. No Revis, no Harris, and no Decker. Yeah these aren’t your competitive Jets. Going to be a LONNNNNNNNNNNG rebuild for the Jets the next several years. At least they have a ton of cap space.

Strengths: Believe it or not the defense can be sneaky underrated. Do I think they’ll completely shut out opponents? No. However, with Jamal Adams, Wilkerson, Leonard Williams, and Lee this defense is young and talented. Plus who knows..maybe they get something out of Kony Ealy. This defense is inexperienced, but talented as hell!

Weakness: Well, other than taking an easy answer and stating the entire offense, I’ll start with the QB position and WR position. Is Petty the answer? No. Hackenburg? Nope. McCown is only a mentor so come April this team will be desperately looking for a Qb. Also, WR is another weakness. They traded the talented, but inconsistent Sheldon Richardson to Seattle for talented Jermaine Kearse. Quincy Enunwa is done for the year. A week ago, this position had a bunch of no-names. Expect defenses to literally double team Kearse as he is the only weapon worth mentioning now. Yes, I know Forte is there, but come on, do you expect much out of him?


Photo Credits: Newsday

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