Matt Carpenter Pledges to Give Back to Hurricane Victims

Over the past few weeks, tons of people have made strides to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, which occurred in Houston, Texas. People from all across the United States and many countries across the world have donated money, clothes, food, and water to help aid those in need. Many athletes have also stepped up to help in the relief efforts, including Matt Carpenter.

Matt Carpenter is a Texas native and grew up only an hour outside of Houston in Galveston, Texas. A couple of days ago, Matt Carpenter informed everyone, via Twitter, that he will donate $10,000 for each home run he hits. From there, fellow teammate, Adam Wainwright pledged to match his $10,000 for each home run Carpenter would hit. It didn’t stop there as the St.Louis Cardinals organization and Adam Dunn each pledged to match the $10,000 each also.

After all these matches to Carpenter’s pledge a total of $40,000 will be donated after each home run he hits. So far Carpenter has hit one home run after making this commitment to help those in need in Houston. Carpenter calls Houston his home as he grew up in that area, attended high school in the area, and played college baseball at Texas Christian University. Carpenter has hit 17 total home runs this year and will do anything in his power to hit more to help out with the relief efforts in his home state and area.


Photo Credits: STL Baseball Weekly

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