A Bright Spot in Dark Times, The Houston Astros

As everyone is familiar, Hurricane Harvey devastated the coast of Texas.  The fourth biggest city, Houston has gone through devastation the city has never faced before.  Hundreds of thousands of peoples’ homes and possessions ruined in the wake of the storm, some with nothing left but the clothes on their back and their families.  Families to stand with including the Houston Astros.

The Astros have done an amazing job of coming together and helping pick up the pieces that the storm left in its aftermath.  The organization itself has donated $4 million dollars to the cause of rebuilding the city and ever since returning from their 3 game stand with the Rangers in Tampa Bay, the players have been out in the community every day making a difference.  From donating money to visiting shelters and even donating necessities, the Astros have portrayed the Houstonian spirit with class.  As the process of rebuilding begins, the Astros are tremendous examples of hope and support.

This hope also comes from the Houston Astros understanding of exactly how important a factor they are to many Houstonians’ attitude during this catastrophe.  The organization did something they have never done in the Crane and Luhnow era, by trading 3 of their top 10 prospects for Justin Verlander in a blockbuster trade.  Astro fans, especially Astros twitter, were in a whirlwind of emotions after the trade deadline came and went and all they had to show for it was Francisco Liriano.  The front office knew there was no better time to pull the trigger on a deal they normally wouldn’t have made, to help motivate the fans to forget about the horrors that had just unfolded, if even for an hour.

The unloading of Franklin Perez #3 prospect, Daz Cameron #9 prospect, and Jake Rogers #10 prospect was an unprecedented move in this regime, but it was made for the right reasons.  The team is focused on playing out the rest of the season in the honor of the city of Houston in spirit and in uniform as they will be dawning a “Houston Strong” patch for the rest of the 2017 MLB season.  This team has the extra motivation they need, coupled with the return of Carlos Correa to the lineup and one of the best pitchers of his generation being added to an already admirable rotation.  From here on out the rest of the MLB should be prepared for the storm that is brewing down in Houston once again, the Houston Astros World Series run.

I want to thank all the people who have donated to the city, we couldn’t get through this without the love and support of everybody.  I also want to personally thank the New York Mets for showing compassion (unlike the Texas Rangers) for allowing the team to take a scheduled day off to come to the cities aide and the Tampa Bay Rays for allowing Houston to hold a three game series in their ballpark.  Thank you for being such class acts in a time of need.  DO NOT FORGET, purchase a hat today from our pages on Facebook and Twitter.  100% of the proceeds will be going to the JJ Watt foundation.

Photo Credits: Yahoo Sports

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