Greedy NFL Owners Do As Little as Possible for Harvey Victims

NFL Ownership has barely stepped to the plate for the victims of flooding in Texas. It’s no wonder that these billionaires have stayed so rich so long, barely parting with their money even if their home state is being practically drowned.

Meanwhile, players like J.J. Watt have stepped up with time and energy and brought together over $12 million. The NFL ownership is quick to ask the public for money when they need a new stadium but are somehow silent when it comes to social issues.

The NFL made well over $10 Billion last year. Most of the owners are billionaires without their team’s money being rolled in. Some have stepped up and donated, like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who donated $1 million as did Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The Ravens, Lions, Falcons, Jets, and Titans have also matched fan donations up to $1 million as well.

The NFL gave $1 million as well. With the New York Giants adding to the list.

That’s around $8 million, considering that the Titans gave to J.J. Watt’s fundraising efforts. Some other teams have said they will donate tickets sales from a specific date and will do some other fundraising on their own as well.

Billionaires are not responsible for rebuilding communities with their deep pockets and raising awareness is sometimes just as important. But too many teams have been silent so far, including Roger Goodell himself who makes over $40 million per year.

Terry Pegula, Buffalo Bills owner, is $4 billion. What about the Browns, the Colts, the Redskins, and the Saints owners? They worth, together over $10 billion. They can’t come forward with some money?

The state of Texas lives and breathes football. Most of the top recruits come from the state of Texas, many from some of the poorest neighborhoods. These are exactly the folks that need the help the most and Texas has given to the NFL a million times over with fan base dedication, love, attendance, their own sweat and tears, and thousands of thousands of talented athletes over the years.

The very least the NFL and the rest of the silent owners could do is write a check or get in their personal jets, fly to Texas, roll up their $1,000 pant suits, and get to work helping a community out that has sure as hell helped them get richer and richer every year.

It’s time for the NFL to be less of a leach and more of positive influence on the lives of so many people who count down the days to football Sunday.


Photo Credits: Business Insider

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Anthony Norman White

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