Player Profile: Miloš Teodosić

Nickname: The Magician

If you haven’t heard Miloš Teodosić has arrived ladies and gentlemen. If you also haven’t heard for the 10,000th time this offseason, Chris Paul will not be donning a clippers jersey. What we do have is a point guard that resembles Ricky Rubio’s homeless lost uncle, signed for a modest $12.3 million over the next 2 years. Instead of giving you a bio that you can easily look up on Wikipedia. I’ve broken down his strengths in which he brings also a projection of stats.

Strengths: He’s 6’5″ and 195 pounds and can play either guard position, but he’s most suited for the point guard position. The man is a wizard with the ball. He makes insane passes and does it effortlessly. Many scouts around the world have stated that he is automatically the best passer in the league without stepping on an NBA court. Let’s slow the brakes on that. NBA is the toughest and most competitive basketball league in the world. We have the best NBA ballers in the world! Plain and simple. However, Milos being 6’5″ lets him peek over smaller defenders, while allowing him to match up with some combo guards…Looking at you James Harden. He averaged 7 assists per game in Moscow last year. Pretty impressive. He has off the charts basketball IQ and can easily find a mismatch in the pick and roll, which will be lethal with Jordan and Blake. HELLO LOB CITY 2.0!!

Weaknesses: Well…. he’s not really a good defender and he can’t really shoot. He relies too much on using his strength and size to get past defenders. However, in the NBA that gap dwindles in getting a decent shot off. He relies on teammates setting him up. Despite averaging 16 points per game those stats seem to be a mirage. However, scoring 16 a game in any professional basketball game or league is no joke. Going against Klay, Butler, and some great defending guards he’s going to get frustrated and stick to what he knows and be a pass first guard.

Prediction for this upcoming season: 10.2 ppg, 8.2 appg and .9 steals per game on 36 3% and 45% fg. Not bad for 12.3 over the next 2 years.

Photo Credits: Cali Sports News

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