You Doubt Him, But McGregor Will Prevail

The fight is finally here tomorrow night. Conor McGregor against Floyd Mayweather. MMA vs Boxing. It has been one of the biggest talked about fights in recent history and it will not disappoint. The press conferences the two had about a month ago have just made the fight even more intriguing. They were going back and forth with each other exchanging some serious digs at each other. The hate is there and it will definitely be better than Floyd and Manny. I am going with McGregor tomorrow night and let me explain as to why before you jump at my throat.

First, look at the Vegas odds. When this discussion first started over a year ago, the odds were insanely high going against McGregor. McGregor started out as a +1100 underdog, which meant putting $100 on him would net you $1,100 if he were to win. Now all of a sudden, his odds have dropped to around +300 in some cases. The question I ask is, why? Sometimes it is because people are betting so heavily on McGregor that the odds begin to dip down. Other times, it is because the people handling this stuff know something that we do not.

Now let us take a look at the fight history. As we know this will be McGregor’s first boxing match, so any recent fights we speak about here is MMA. May weather obviously has the experience over McGregor, no one can argue that. Mayweather’s record of 49-0 surpasses McGregor’s of 21-3. However, what stands out is the amount of knockouts. We know Floyd likes to dance around and play defensively as only 26 of his 49 wins have come by KO. On the other hand, 18 of McGregor’s 21 wins have come by KO. This is the first advantage McGregor has over Mayweather. McGregor has that knockout mentality. He is going to attack you and he packs a more powerful punch in my opinion. McGregor may be in better condition as well. His last fight was in November of 2016 in which defeated Eddie Alvarez via TKO. Mayweather has not had a real fight in almost exactly two years. His last fight came against Andre Berto in September of 2015. Will this matter in this fight? I think it will. In any sport, practice makes perfect. Therefore, the fact that McGregor has been in the game more recently will be an advantage for him.

Next up we look at the measurables. First off, McGregor is 11 years younger than Floyd is. That is a big deal and it cannot be overlooked. Conor will have less damage to his body than Floyd. It could take one big hit to a spot on Floyd’s body that can end the fight fairly quick. McGregor also has the height (Conor 5’9″, Floyd 5’8″) and reach (Conor 74″, Floyd 72″) advantage of Mayweather.

The boxing styles between the two are different as well. Floyd will be fighting orthodox, while Conor will be fighting Southpaw. When Floyd went up against Manny, people were preaching that southpaws are Floyd’s kryptonite. Floyd did win that fight, but Manny did get some good shots in against him. Many believe Pacquiao was robbed in that fight and it did go the distance. Could McGregor be watching that fight over and over again to study how Floyd fights against lefties? He should be and I am sure he is. He can learn a lot from that fight and figure out exactly what Floyd is going to do. McGregor has the advantage here as well. Not because he is a lefty, but rather he can study Mayweather’s history. Floyd can study Conor’s MMA history, but it may be different than what he will do as a boxer.

In my opinion, for Conor to beat Floyd he has to come out early. I think Conor will be faster and stronger than Floyd. That will obviously be a huge advantage. If Conor is going to win this fight it is going to be by knockout. If he goes 12 rounds with Floyd, he has no chance because that is exactly what Floyd wants. Conor is going to come out of the gate attacking. He has to get Floyd out of rhythm and make him as uncomfortable as possible. He cannot dance around with Floyd and he will not.

McGregor has nothing to lose. He has no pressure on him at all. Most believe he will and should lose this fight, therefore, no harm to his reputation. All the pressure is on Floyd and Conor knows it.

Conor said it best, “I’m going to knock him out inside four rounds. Mark my words.” I am most definitely taking Conor’s words. Now you all mark my words … MCGREGOR WILL KO MAYWEATHER IN THE THIRD ROUND.


Photo Credits: Irish Independent

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Nicholas LoPrinzi

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