Bears Report: Extensions and QB Controversy

By: Alex Patt

Much discussion continues through Chicago regarding the Bears starting quarterback situation. While there is an extremely high demand for rookie Mitchell Trubisky to start, the coaching and management still looks into making Mike Glennon work for this season.

Glennon has not looked particularly good in his short Bears tenure so far, throwing two bad picks in his two preseason starts. He had a 0.0 rating in the first game and in the second game vs. the Cardinals, threw a pick and a touchdown pass going 13-18 for 89 yards. He threw mostly dump passes and screens as he did not throw down field very much, and nearly got picked again when he did throw down field.

Trubisky once again played in the second half, which he was “tested” with and against many players who will not make the cut come September. His third-string O-line gave him zero protection and was sacked, grabbed by a facemask and hit hard on several other passing plays. He still managed to complete 6/8 passes with a touchdown pass. While Glennon was signed to the big money, Trubisky is the future and seeing him play against top-tier guys with the starting line would be a real test for the rookie. It can be easy to say “Don’t throw him to the wolves”, but getting beat up because a third-string o-line cannot protect him is not much of a positive test, even if he still looks solid. Hopefully there will be time for him in preseason week 3 against the Titans for Trubisky to play against and with NFL caliber competition.

In other Bears news it was announced that the team and offensive tackle Charles Leno worked out a four-year extension. Leno (25) has started 30 games in a Bears uniform since 2014 and played in all 16 games in the 2016 season. The deal is worth $38 million with $21.5 million guaranteed.


Photo Credits: WGN-TV

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