Why The Lakers Are Making NBA Teams Nervous

The Los Angeles Lakers have put together a great off-season, positioning themselves to be big free agent players in 2018. The Lakers were able to keep their first round pick in the draft lottery and went on to take UCLA star point guard Lonzo Ball. They also were able to get off Timofey Mozgov and his bad contract, which has three years/$37 million left on it. They also found a potential steal late in the first round in Kyle Kuzma, who stole the show at times in summer league.

The Lakers signed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the former eighth overall pick in 2013 by the Detroit Pistons, to a one-year, $18 million deal. Caldwell-Pope gives the Lakers the perimeter defender the they need to stop opposing point guards, making him a great fit alongside Ball in the backcourt. Everyone knows when you are making moves, the doubters start popping up. That is what led to the Indiana Pacers filing tampering charges against the Lakers for alleged impermissible contact with former Pacers star Paul George.

The tampering allegation is not anything Laker fans are worried about. In fact, it puts a bow on a great off-season for the Lakers. The reason that is the case is you have the NBA teams, mainly the small market teams, starting to feel and hear the Lakers train coming, so they are panicking. It is also a great sign because some were starting to question the Lakers’ brand after the late great owner of the Lakers Dr. Jerry Buss passed away. The tampering situation is proof that NBA teams are very fearful about the Lakers future now being so bright, you need sunshades.

They also know the Lakers are still the NBA’s glamour franchise regardless of what the records and stats indicate. The biggest fear for the league is the Lakers acquiring two superstars next summer, which is the goal and has a good shot of happening especially if the Lakers youth movement thrives. The rest of the NBA has every right to be nervous, because one way or another, the Lakers are coming and there is nothing they can do about it.


Photo Credits: Bleacher Report

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Allan Wright

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