Is Zeke worth drafting?

Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back for the Dallas Cowboys, was suspended 6 games for domestic violence. But, as a top player, will 6 games hurt his value that bad? Should you draft him in Round 2, 3, 4, or not at all?

Well, if you think you can grab two other good running backs, it makes it a lot easier. But there is still the “what if factor.”

Overall, if you plan to get players who rarely get hurt, like Frank Gore, then you are probably good.

Whatever you do, do not pick Elliot before round 3. If you can get him in Round 4, you did amazing. However, I would still go with Jay Ajayi over Elliot.

There is also the chance that they drop the suspension, then you will have hit a gold mine. Literally, if you are a gambler.

But for those of you who just want me to get to the point, and give you a projection, I will say this: I am imagining around 17-18 points per game–around 175 points for Zeke.

So, if you are more into PPG, I would say round 3, if you are into overall points I would say late 4 – late 5.



Photo Credits: Sporting News

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