New Orleans Saints So Far

Saints Preseason (only friendlies)

Last Sunday, after falling to a defeat on the road to the Cleveland Browns, the Saints booked a solid win on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers. Having seen their previous game, and definitely the coaches have as well, the Saints put instant pressure on the Chargers’ O-line and QB, which resulted in an instant collapse for the Chargers. This might break the Chargers up all season if they cannot solve their woeful QB protection.

What also was common during the game is that the Chargers always decided to run the ball via the SAME way at almost every play when on the attack. However it was of course a very good and interesting workout for the D-line, blocking and forcing errors a lot. And the amount of sacks and hits were fantastic!

The Saints offense had also something to cheer about: there is a lot of depth in the Running Back (RB) chart, as well with receivers. With Kamara being highly impressive so far, Thomas, Victor and Edmunds let themselves count as well. I definitely look forward to the next game, home vs the Houston Texans on Saturday having such hungry creativity on board.

One downfall was the lack of production coming from the QBs. Nassib looks to be the first to be cut, and although Chase Daniel looks to become Drew Brees’ backup, it stands the Saints only recorded 10 points in the first half, after the Seahakws had demolished the Chargers by 34 [by half time] the week before.

Saints in London

Until after the wonderful week to come, starting at the end of September, I will not be posting. Unless something big happens regarding the Saints. It will be special as apart from meeting friends and fellow Saints fans, I am also very much looking forward to meeting Jeff Duncan of – who is leading a 3 person team regarding the game in the British capital. As recently written, Jeff – like I do – enjoys asking critical questions, and this is of course needed to provocate the mind. (Hence my comment: ‘his job’ in my previous article!). It will be really great meeting each other face to face and to discuss many subjects regarding the Saints, the city and the wide region plus of course the [future of] the NFL in general as well.


Photo Credits: Rocky Top Talk

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I'm a 36 years old guy living near London who's a loyal fan of the New Orleans Saints. I got connected due of Katrina, when watching the news it felt like a 'personal attack'. Hard to describe, but ever since my love for the city and the wide area started to grew. Being connected with other fans via Twitter make that feeling even stronger. I am not going to write very often, yet. I need to grow (I used to blog about 'soccer') back into it

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