Green Bay Packers: Saturday’s Standouts

Packers’ fans got what we have been waiting for Saturday Night when the Green Bay Packers took on the Washington Redskins. Our first glimpse of All-World QB Aaron Rodgers, and he did not disappoint! In Rodgers’ one and only series, he marched his team down the field displaying his typical laser sharp accuracy, ultimately finding his shiny new TE Martellus Bennett in the end zone. Even though I thought the ball was thrown a little low on this particular play, Bennett showed why hopes are high for his arrival in Green Bay by making the catch over Redskins’ LB Zach Brown look routine. The Rodgers-Bennett connection has Title-town buzzing already, as the two get more and more familiar playing alongside each other and build that chemistry…We could be in for quite the red-zone force.

Once again Brett Hundley looked impressive, despite the Packers’ line having trouble protecting him, he was sacked three times and faced moderate pressure throughout his stint. Hundley finished the day 9/10 for 107 yards and a touchdown on a swing pass to rookie RB Aaron Jones. While several NFL teams seem to be lacking in the QB room, the Packers’ do not share that problem. Fellow backup QB and a personal favorite of mine, Taysom Hill did it again! The undrafted rookie out of BYU continued to make his case for that third QB spot, and a place on the 53-man roster on September 3rd. Hill dazzled fans, down 3 with just over six minutes left in the game, Hill took off on an impressive 23-yard scoring run where he evaded several defenders and refused to be stopped short of the goal line, crossing with a smile on his face, it was a great moment, as Taysom is a local boy from my hometown, Pocatello, ID. Hill finished the day 6/11 for 49 yards and once again led the Packers in rushing with 38 yards on the ground. I hope the Packers can find a way to keep him on the roster, when healthy, Hill showed great promise at BYU and has continued to do so in his first preseason.

The Packers came from behind to capture a 21-17 victory over the Redskins, and now move to 2-0 this preseason. They have looked impressive on the offensive side of the ball which is a surprise to few. The defense looks much improved, from a depth perspective, I will not go to crazy and think our defensive woes are gone after just two preseason games. However, with a lot of young defensive talent, (Josh Hawkins comes to mind after his impressive performance that included; 7 tackles and 3 pass deflections) infused with players looking to make that next leap forward, and our established veterans I think the future is bright for our defensive unit.

The Packers will travel to Denver this Saturday, August 26th to take on the Denver Broncos. I expect to see more action out of the starters, and hopefully we will all continue to watch the offensive rhythm build, while the defense continues to sure up holes. Just 16 Days out from the start of the NFL season! Football is in the air, and I am loving it!


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