Lakers Being Investigated for Tampering

NBA legend Magic Johnson is under the spotlight once again. The greatest point guard of all time was recently named the President of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. It did not take long for him to be accused of some wrong doing.

The NBA is investigating whether Magic Johnson was tampering with Paul George and trying to persuade him to come to the Lakers in 2018 when he is due to be a free agent. The Lakers are denying that any sort of inappropriate contact occurred between Johnson and George, but the Pacers are insisting that their is evidence to prove otherwise.

The Pacers filing this now after they traded George away to the Thunder comes as a surprise to me. I would have assumed that it would have been more beneficial to file the tampering allegations when George was still in Indiana. Now that he is in OKC, I do not see the point in them going through with this. Paul George will NEVER be a part of the Pacers again, so why does it matter so much that he goes to the Lakers in 2018? The Lakers are not even a threat to the Pacers in the regular season because they are not in the same conference! The only way it will make a difference is if both of these franchises make the NBA Finals at the same time, which is nearly impossible.

The Lakers are expecting to be cleared of any charges, and do not believe the Pacers have any evidence on them. If the Lakers are found guilty, the NBA could block George from being traded to the Lakers or also restrict him from signing there in 2018 as a free agent. The evidence the Pacers believe they have on Magic Johnson is that he began talking to George before the July 1st date in which he was allowed to begin talking to players about their future as a Laker. The Pacers hope that these allegations will stop future tampering from manipulative front office members of the NBA.

I was suspicious of possible tampering from Magic Johnson to many players, but I did not know the extent of what would happen if he were found guilty of doing so. Being a Lakers fan has been frustrating the last several seasons, and not being allowed by the NBA to land Paul George would just add even more icing on the cake. I am still hopeful and optimistic that Paul George will be a Laker in 2018.


Photo Credits: Give Me Sport

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