Stick a Fork in ’em .. The Pittsburgh Pirates are done.

That is it. Stick a fork in them. The Pittsburgh Pirates are officially done after being swept in a two game series by the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Buccos now find themselves 5 games out of first place and will soon face the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yeah, those Dodgers… The team on the verge of having the greatest winning percentage in regular season history.

The Pirates desperately needed to be on the winning end of both games against the Brew Crew to stay in contention. Now they have an impossible task ahead of them to leap over the Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, and defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Fat chance. The guy who runs PghSportsNation on twitter has a better chance of getting a second date… or just a date in general.

The Pirates really let the season slip away when they did nothing after Starling Marte was suspended for violating the MLB substance policy. Imagine the Buccos making a move then and actually being up 5 games on the second place team. It is a shame owner Bob Nutting does nothing but line his pockets with fans’ cash instead of caring about putting a serious contender out on the field.

The Buccos missed one of the biggest opportunities in team history by not maximizing their potential championship window. They will likely be in rebuilding mode soon. Let us just hope they do not take 20 years to rebuild again.


Photo Credits: Sports Illustrated

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