Glennon is Still “The Guy” .. For Now

By: Alex Patt

The Bears are preparing for their second preseason game this season as they will head to Arizona to take on the Cardinals. The buzz in the Chicago air is all about rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky’s impressive Bears debut in the first preseason game against Denver. While his success greatly differed from veteran QB Mike Glennon’s struggles in that game, the Bears still plan to keep their same approach this season regards to who is starting.

Trubisky dazzled the Soldier Field crowd with a 18/25, 166 yard and TD performance that also included 38 rushing yards and accurate passes off balance and escaping pressure. Glennon threw a pick-6 on the first drive of the game and ended his short night as starter 2/8 with 20 yards and a “Blutarsky” 0.0 rating. Fans and media are already in “QB Controversy” mode after the one preseason game.

Glennon has $18 million guaranteed this year as he signed a three-year deal back in the offseason. While Mitch Trubisky, the Bears first-round pick in the past draft, is the face of the future, both the front office and coaching staff are currently set on this year being Glennon’s. Coach John Fox stated that they would not make any sudden changes in regards to who was starting and still is high on Glennon’s ability. He even made an odd connection with Trubisky and Tim Tebow’s first NFL preseason game in his Denver days. With all this being said, expect the Bears to start Glennon again in Saturday night’s game and expect him to play more than he did in the first game. This upcoming game is surely known by Glennon himself is an important one to bounce back from if he doesn’t want his seemingly safe QB job to go fall into more controversy.

There is a lot in question of Glennon regarding his confidence especially after seeing how good Trubsiky was in both camp and the first preseason game. At the end of the day Glennon is going to have to play better and prove that he should be the starter with Trubsiky sitting behind him a year. The Bears also have to be open to not being 100% locked in with Glennon if he continues to play poorly, the starting spot is to be earned. Though it is easier said than done to throw a youngster like Trubsiky to the wolves, if he truly earns it, then he should get it. But there will not be a real answer until these other preseason games are played out.


Photo Credits: Chicago Sun Times

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Alex Patt

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