Finally, a healthy Giancarlo Stanton

Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton has been on a power surge. Homering in six straight games, and has 23 homers in his last 35 games. His recent tear has shown just how dangerous this man could be when he is healthy.


Giancarlo Stanton has produced some of the most majestic blasts in recent memory. But injuries have plagued the slugger, limiting him to just 193 games over the last two years. 2017 has proved to be Stanton’s healthiest, seeing him play in 116 of the Marlins 118 games thus far.

A healthy Giancarlo Stanton means a powerful one. Stanton has crushed 44 big flies this year, holding a comfortable lead over Aaron Judge’s 36. Stanton has been homering at a historic rate as of recent. He now owns the Marlins single season home run record, and hit his 250th career home run. He has hit a home run in six straight games, two short of the record of eight shared by Ken Griffey Jr, Don Mattingly, and Dale Long.

History is also on the mind of Giancarlo. He was asked if there was a particular number of home runs he was going for, and Stanton responded with 62. Barry Bonds holds the single season record with 73, but the “non PED” record is still Roger Maris’ of 61. Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Bonds are the only players to pass 61.

Stanton’s goal of 62 is within reach. He is currently on pace to hit exactly 60 home runs, which has only been reached eight other times in baseball history. Seeing Stanton living up to his full potential is why the Marlins invested over $300 million in him just a few years ago.

But aside from chasing and making history, Giancarlo is saving baseball in the second half. Aaron Judge captivated baseball in the first half, but Stanton now holds the reigns as top slugger. Ever night, regardless of ballpark or opposing pitchers, Stanton is a threat to put a ball into another atmosphere.

So how is a slugger for a team out of playoff contention saving the game? Because he can hit home runs. Far ones. To places that no one thought a baseball could travel to. And it’s incredible to see. It’s hard not to root for Giancarlo, and seeing him healthy and in the batters box is awesome for everyone but the opposing pitchers.





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