Fantasy Football Predictions for the Steelers

How will the Steelers do in fantasy football this year? Lets take a look:

Le’Veon Bell

3 year average: 1062 Rushing YDS, 6 Rushing TD, 523 Receiving YDS, 1.6 Receiving TDS
Projections: 1300 Rushing YDS, 7 Rushing TD, 650 Receiving YDS, 3 Receiving TDS
ADP: 2
If you have a chance to draft Le’Veon Bell, DO IT. There are so many reasons to believe Bell will have a great season, especially since he is only on a 1 year contract and will be playing for a long term deal. He is the 2nd best player in a Non-PPR league and the best player in a PPR league.

Antonio Brown:

3 year average: 1605 Receiving YDS, 11.6 Receiving TDS
Projections: 1400 Receiving YDS, 9 Receiving TDS
ADP: 3
Brown went from 1,834 receiving yards in 2015 to only 1,284 last year. Why? Probably because the other wide receivers last year were not very good, so all the focus was on him. With Martavis Bryant back and better wide receiver depth, Brown should go back to putting up monster numbers and being the best fantasy wide receiver in football.

Martavis Bryant

2 year average: 657 Receiving YDS, 7 Receiving TDS
Projections: 900 Receiving YDS, 7 Receiving TDS
ADP: 60
If you have a chance to draft Martavis Bryant, DRAFT HIM. He was suspended all of last year, but all signs point to his problems being behind him. He is poised for a monster year.

Ben Roethlisberger

3 year average: 4236 YDS, 27.3 TD, 12.6 INT
Projections: 4200 YDS, 29 TD, 13 INT
ADP: 95
If you are a Steelers fan and think getting Big Ben would be good for your fantasy football team, well you are half right. He is great at home, while being terrible on the road. Last year he had 20 TDs and 5 INT at home to go with 9 TDs and 8 INT on the road. Also, consider he will probably lose at least 2 games due to injury.

James Conner

Projections: 250 Rushing YDS, 3 Rushing TD, 50 Receiving YDS, 0 Receiving TDS
ADP: 200
The Steelers will play Le’Veon Bell a lot so do not expect much from Conner except as a handcuff.

Jesse James

2 year average: 197 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TDS
Projections: 400 Receiving YDS, 4 Receiving TDS
ADP: 240
James is the top option at TE, but do not expect much. With the great wide receiving group, James might get some red zone TDs. If he is lucky.

Steelers Defense

2016: 13 INT, 1 TD, 327 PA
Projections: 13 INT, 3 TD, 350 PA
ADP: 230
The defense should be better than last, but still not good enough to put a high draft pick on.

Eli Rogers

2016: 504 Receiving YDS, 3 Receiving TDS
Projections: 400 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TDS
ADP: 250
Rogers should be the slot receiver and might put up some stats in a high-powered offense, but there are so many other options.

Chris Boswell

2 year average: 28 FG ATT, 25 FGM
Projections: 32 FG ATT, 27 FGM
ADP: 251
Boswell is a very accurate kicker, especially considering Heinz Field is horrible for kickers. However, he is just considered a middle of the road kicker in fantasy.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Projections: 200 Receiving YDS, 1 Receiving TD
ADP: 280
JuJu Smith-Schuster has a bright future as this year’s 2nd round draft pick (he’s being compared to Hines Ward), but do not expect much this year.

Sammie Coates

2016: 435 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TDS
Projections: 100 Receiving YDS, 1 Receiving TD
ADP: 350
Coates had a great start to 2016, but then injuries ruined his season. He is another victim of a very crowded wide receiver group.


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