Ups and Downs of the New York Yankees Offense

Throughout their history, the Yankees have featured very potent lineups that have produced at high levels. After finishing in the bottom 10 of the league in terms of runs per game, they looked to turn to a lineup featuring more young bats to give them more of a boost. With the help of Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Didi Gregorius and others, they again showed what the name “Bronx Bombers” meant.

They are currently top 5 in runs per game in the league, top 5 in OPS, and top 10 in home  runs per game. Aaron Judge had one of the best first halves by a rookie in a while. Aaron Hicks has been surging after finishing last season hitting near the Mendoza line. After being out for month Didi Gregorius has had a really solid season at the plate. They even lead in run differential, while having the likes of Chris Carter and Chase Headley, although currently bringing it altogether, providing little to no production for them.

Even with all that success, the signs of slowing down have arrived. As a team they have the 8th worst strikeout percentage, are 3rd worst in runners left in scoring position per game, and are in the bottom half of the league in hits for extra bases percentage. Their struggles could be traced back to the start of the second half with guys like Aaron Judge hitting .165, Brett Gardner hitting .237 as the table-setter, and Matt Holliday hitting a meager .136 in the middle of that lineup. They will have games occasionally where the offense explodes and get the fans thinking they could be back, but we have seen plenty of games where the offense is scarce.

It has been a real tale of two halves for the Yankees’ offense. They were firing on all cylinders in the first half, but now are cooling down a bit in the second half. The last couple of weeks have reflected more the latter and because of that they find themseleves entering today 4.5 games back out of first place in the AL East. If they want any shot of winning the division, the offense certainly needs to step it up a notch with only a month and a half left of baseball.


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