Doc Rivers Steps Down

It was reported a week or so ago that Doc Rivers would be stepping down from the Vice President of Operations role and that Lawrence Frank would be taking over. All I can say is it is about damn time!

As a Celtics fan, I love Doc, but the man is not fit to build a team. Not that I think Frank can do any better. Besides we all know that with Mr. NBA logo himself in the background as a “consultant”, that every move made will have his finger prints all over it. Jerry West built the Warriors juggernaut so there is no doubt he cannot do the same with the Clippers.

Being a coach and President/GM of a team at the same time is extremely difficult. There are only 4 coaches that remain to hold both titles: Pop, Van Gundy, Budenholtzer, and Thibs. If you look at those coaches you could argue that three out of the four coaches are top 10 when it comes to best coaching minds, while two of them being from the Spurs regime (Pop and Budenholtzer).

I think Doc’s incompetence as a team builder and a sense of building an adequate bench was his downfall. I think the nail in the coffin was the reported belief that they could have acquired Melo at the deadline for scraps set the motion in further that he is too prideful to trade his son. I honestly understand that, but his son is nothing more than a backup ball handler. We will see what “Frank” can do as the head man. Hopefully, he can actually build a bench that can complement Blake and Jordan. Only time will tell!


Photo Credits: SFV Media

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