Will the Patriots go 19-0?

There has been a lot of murmur about this upcoming Patriots season. Many feel that the Patriots are the best they have been in the Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Era. There have been a lot of comparison to the 2007 team with Brady and Moss. Cooks is a major addition, but can he be as good as Moss was for them? That is certainly a tall order. Moss had nearly 1500 receiving yard and 23 touchdowns that year, enough to easily lead the league in both, while breaking the record for touchdowns. Cooks is a very talented receiver. His speed is very good and should open Brady’s deep game like it has been in years, but he has not come anywhere close to that touchdown total. With all of Brady’s weapons I do not see that happening.

Brady also has a ton of other weapons at his disposal in the likes of Edelman, Gronk, Amendola and you cannot forget the receiving ability of Dion Lewis. The defense is also pretty stacked with Hightower, Butler, Gilmore and many more. The Patriots are also favored to win in every regular season game this upcoming season. The potential for this  team to compete with the 2007 Patriots for the perfect season and maybe even finish the job is definitely there. Brady and Belichick, if anyone, are the ones who could make it happen.

Ultimately though, the perfect season is not the goal. Brady and Belichick have implemented the perfect mindset in their team. That mindset is that you take it week by week and do your job every week. The goal is to still be playing in February and to come out on top in that game, no matter what happens in the regular season.

Edelman denounced the 19-0 discussion, calling it “stupid to talk about” and that is the exact mindset that just might make the 19-0 season a reality.


Photo Credits: ESPN

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