Athletics: 50 Years and All-Sentimental Team

Bay Area, CA | The Athletics announced the release of their 50th anniversary team logo, to be used next year in honor of their 50 years in Oakland (1968 – 2018). The Athletics website breaks down the logo design concepts and can be viewed here:

“The logo emphasizes the team’s connection to Oakland through the use of the Oakland tree and city skyline. The logo’s shape is inspired by the iconic Oakland Fox Theater’s marquee. The color used in the number 50, Oakland tree, roof tops of the federal buildings, and logo border is a special 50th anniversary gold.”

The team is opening things up to the fans, allowing for fans to vote for the top 50 Athletics players of all-time on the team website as well. It is in this spirit I present to you with my All-Sentimental  25 man A’s roster. Fire away.

Starting Pitchers

Catfish Hunter: Hall of Famer gotta be your ace, right? I never had the pleasure of seeing him play, but his legacy in Oakland lives on. Too bad he was ever a Yankee. :p

Tim Hudson: Oakland’s career WAR leader (pitching). Won 70% of his games. Timmy could have been in the HOF. I’m glad he got his ring, even if it was for the Giants.

Vida Blue: Another 70s dynasty ace that had a near HOF career. With 209 wins, 3 rings, an MVP, a Cy Young, and a 6-time All Star, Blue dominated both sides of the Bay.

Dave Stewart: Oakland. Native. 3 rings. World Series MVP. Twice the ALCS MVP. All Star. Top-5 in Cy Young balloting four years in a row. Won 20 games four times.

Barry Zito: Playing his career in the Bay is what lands Zito here above Mark Mulder. Well, that and Barry won a Cy Young (A’s), and won his ring later in SF as did Hudson.

Relief Pitchers

Mark Mulder: You can do worse than Mulder as your long-relief and spot starter. “Agent-Mulder” was called the most talented of the Big Three, with injuries derailing his career.

Rich Harden: When Harden came up the Big Three exclaimed that he would ultimately be better than them all. Harden’s true potential as SP or RP will never be known.

Sean Doolittle: Doolittle’s story is the quintessential Oakland Athletics story. A reformed first baseman finds his way onto the mound and into the closers role, for his childhood team. Poetry.

Huston Street: The Rookie of the Year enjoyed career bests in Oakland in total saves and innings pitched, and was by far his most durable in an A’s uniform. You want to say he’ll end up in the Hall.

Rollie Fingers: Hall of Fame closers for a setup man are a nice problem to have. 3 rings. An MVP. A World Series MVP. A Cy Young. A 7-time All Star and 4-time Rolaids Reliever. Only one reason he’s setting up…

Dennis Eckersley: Just your ordinary 197-win Hall of Fame closer. 1 ring. An MVP. A Cy Young. An ALCS MVP. 6-time All Star and 2-time Rolaids Reliever. “Eck” is forever the man.


Terry Steinbach: I really believe “Steiny” was underrated. He played good defense, and was backstop to genuine Cy Young talent. He was a solid hitter and All-Star Game MVP.

Gene Tenace: Backstop go Hall of Famers and Aces, Tenace was awarded the World Series MVP. The All-Star retired with over had 1,000H and 200HR.

First Base

Mark McGwire: The one-time Home Run King and Bash Brother also won Rookie of the Year and holds the MLB Record for HRs by a rookie (49). Gold Glover. 12-time All-Star. He belongs in the Hall.

Jason Giambi: The MVP and heart of the Big Three Era, Giambi was a 5-time All-Star and 2-time Silver Slugger. Giambi retired with over 2000H, 1200R, a .277BA and 440HR.

Second Base

Mark Ellis: The sure-handed and reliable 2B was a multiple award-winning Gold Glover that never actually won one. Ellis is easily their greatest 2B.

Tony Phillips: A fan favorite that recently passed, Phillips was a versatile defender and had 1300R and 2000H over his career. RIP Tony.

Third Base

Eric Chavez: I believe a healthy Eric Chavez would be a Hall of Famer on defense alone. He won 6 Gold Gloves, but also had 7 seasons where he averaged 48 games per season.

Sal Bando: A top-5 MVP candidate 3 times, Bando also recorded over 900R, 1700H and 242HR. The 4-time All-Star was a fixture to A’s baseball, serving 11 of 16 seasons with the A’s.


Miguel Tejada: The MVP, Silver Slugger, and 6-time All-Star served as the heart and soul of the post-Giambi A’s. Over 1200R, 2400H, .285BA, 307HR, and 1300RBI.

Bert Campaneris: My dad said if I didn’t do this he’d disown me. I pretended to disagree. He also had 2249H and played all the defense. Ever.


Rickey Henderson: Never understood why Rickey is “just” the greatest lead-off hitter of all time, but not considered one of the greatest to ever play. HOF. MVP. And so much more.

Reggie Jackson: My personal opinion of the Hall of Famer is not favorable. He was not kind to some kids and I when I was younger. But he’s the legend. I’m not. Ball don’t lie.

Jose Canseco: One of the more controversial men on a list full of asterisks, his star power and impressive resume makes him impossible to ignore. Rookie of the Year. MVP. Silver Slugger. *

Dwayne Murphy: Owner of 6 consecutive Gold Gloves and center fielder of what has been called the greatest defensive outfield ever – Murphy spent 10 of 12 seasons with the A’s.



Photo Credits: Oakland Athletics

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