Winners and Losers From Steelers First Preseason Game

The Steelers defeated the New York Giants 20-12 in their first preseason game. While the score does not matter, there was a lot of notable plays and players:



Joshua Dobbs

He started in the ‘Loser’ category in the beginning of the game, as he threw 2 interceptions and just looked terrible. However, he got better as the game went on, showing off his running ability with a 16 yard scramble. Then he had a beautiful 44-yard pass to Cobi Hamilton followed by a 28 yard touchdown to Hamilton. He had a great play when he scrambled to throw a touchdown to Xavier Grimble, but it was called back on penalty. Overall a good first game for Dobbs.

TJ Watt

Not a bad debut for JJ Watt’s brother! He had 2 sacks and was making plays all over the field, while swatting passed down. He played the whole game and on special teams!

Cobi Hamilton

There is a lot of talk that Hamilton will not make the team because the Steelers are so deep at wide receiver. But he sure added to his resume Friday night, as he caught a 44 yard pass from Joshua Dobbs as well as a 28 yard touchdown pass.

Mike Hilton

Hilton is another player that might have a hard time making the team, but he sure helped his cause in game one. He did a great job in coverage, had a sack and even recovered a fumble.


Arthur Moats

Apparently Moats is battling Anthony Chickillo for a linebacker spot. Well he made quite a statement as he had 3 sacks, 6 tackles and one interception.

Terrell Watson

Another player down on the running back depth chart, Watson looked very good running in the 2nd half. He scored on a 15 yard touchdown and led the team in rushing with 10 carries for 41 yards.

The entire defense

A couple Joshua Dobbs interceptions caused the defense to have to defend in the red zone and they did not give up any touchdowns. They had good pressure all game and did not give up many big plays.



JuJu Smith-Schuster

There were not many injuries in this game, but unfortunately Smith-Schuster suffered a concussion in the first quarter and did not get to play much.

Canaan Severin

This was Severin’s chance to stand out in a crowded wide receiver field and he dropped an easy pass from Joshua Dobbs. He did make some catches, but he had 2 big drops.


Photo Credits: Pittsburgh Magazine

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