Bears Prepare for First Preseason Game

By: Alex Patt

The 2017 Chicago Bears get their first action against another opponent Thursday night as they begin preseason games. The Bears will host the Denver Broncos at Soldier Field at 7 P.M. CT to kick things off.

The current 53-man roster will continue to dwindle as the preseason goes on with many more cuts to be made. There is still a lot of competition in a number of areas, including running backs and wide receivers. As usual, the first preseason game of the year will not see the foreseen starters for very long. Starting QB Mike Glennon will play a drive or two as will the secondary. The idea will be to see how our starters go up against Denver’s starters…then everything else is a battle of the depth players and scrubs.

One of the more anticipated things for this games for Bears fans is how the rookies perform. Obviously the biggest being Mitch Trubisky getting action, even if it is just a preseason game. It will be interesting to see how he throws, and how well he can do under pressure of an opponent’s defensive line trying to get to him. Other rookies like Tarik Cohen will be facing a full defensive unit of NFL players, so the 5 foot 6 running back has his first big professional test coming up. Adam Shaheen will get some playing time as well, who said in an interview with 670 the Score earlier this week that he had been working hard with both Glennon and Trubisky.

Though the veteran starters will not get more than a series or two, it is always interesting to see how they come back after an offseason and just a few weeks of training camp. One of the keys is obviously hoping none of them get hurt. The Bears have had such an injury bug problem the past few years they do not want to get off to another bad start in that department. First preseason game may not be exciting after the first quarter or so, but with the rebuilding Bears and new key faces, it will be at least interesting to see how they all do.


Photo Credits: Tradingbasis

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