The Reason You Hate LaVar Ball: Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Fascination with the world’s loudest and most boisterous sports dad has reached feverous pitches this past week. LaVar’s anger with a female referee forced her to leave the game. He says it has nothing to do with the fact she is female, but rather that she made so many bad calls.

Since LaVar has never had to get a ref thrown out for making bad calls that was a male, it must be safe to say that this is the first time in the history of all of his son’s games that bad calls were made. That’s a pretty amazing stat really, if you think about it. My nine year old nephew hasn’t been that lucky.

The continuation of the polarization of Mr. Ball has become more apparent than ever as he wades his way into sexist territory. First he wagged his finger in the face of the big corporations, then it was Michael Jordan, now it’s pretty much everyone, everywhere.

The people who usually have a passionate hate for LaVar cite some of the reasons already listed in this article. But it’s never that simple. It can’t be that he’s loud and so no one likes him, or that he called out Jordan, because other’s have before, or that he made what appears to be sexist statements because so has Trump and he got elected president.

No, it’s something different and it has to do with people speeding on the freeway.

I Hate LaVar Ball Because….

You’re trying to get to work and traffic is clogged, the radio station sucks, you’re out of coffee and then some d-bag in a beamer flies by going 20 mph over the speed limit. For most of us, we can’t wait to go catch up to drive by him in a few minutes while he’s pulled over on the side of the road, the flashing lights of the law behind him, a stern faced cop handing out a ticket.

But that doesn’t happen. He cruises right by a speed trap that you already saw. He was blind to it, buried in text messages and swerving across lines. You anticipate the cop car lurching forward, the lights dancing on top of the car, the satisfying taste of justice served to someone who thinks that to them the rules need not apply.

The cop is on the phone, or eating breakfast and he never sees him. Or even worse he does. He looks right at the car in question but does nothing. You glance fervently in your rear view to see if it changes, the beamer dashing out of sight in front of you, his daring and illegal behavior seems rewarded if not punished.

LaVar Ball is that dude in the beamer. More than anything, we just like to see those who break the apparent rules forced into the hands of justice. But LaVar never really gets in trouble because he can’t. He isn’t beholden to anyone. This is the reason Mr. Ball exists in a cloud of hatred.

What he has successfully done is answer to no one. An argument can be made that he answers to the public. But here’s the thing ; he doesn’t care about you. He isn’t looking for public approval. He isn’t employed by the Lakers, his son isn’t buried in a contract from a shoe company, or really any company. LaVar, as loud and obnoxious as he can be, has successfully become self-employed.

With no repercussions for his actions, he’s free to do, say, and act in any manner in which he pleases. And that, is unbelievably annoying.

There is no judge, jury, or executioner for LaVar and no way to check his behavior. Just because we don’t like him as a person, doesn’t mean he’s actually doing anything wrong. It was only this past week which he dabbled in something sexist and controversial.

Before then he was just a cartoon, the anvil always dangerously close to falling on his head. When it finally did, he still walked away unscathed. Proof that even bad press, is good press.


Photo Credits: LA Times

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Anthony Norman White

Anthony Norman White is a writer from New York, John Candy Enthusiast, Pi's Dad, Musician, Author of Literary Fiction and Poetry, Hip Hop Fanatic.

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