Carolina Panthers Training Camp Chatter

First off, who is excited for football season? Carolina Panther football begins next Wednesday against the Houston Texans, August 9th at 6:30PM on the NFL Network.

Here are some notes from today’s practice. Today’s injury list: Quarterback Can Newton still hasn’t thrown since Sunday. Coach Rivera said, “We’re going to do what the doctors tell us.” Doctors advised coach Rivera to rest Newton’s surgically-repaired shoulder as much as possible. Nothing said on whether Newton will throw. Left Tackle Matt Kalil (groin), Defensive Tackle Kawann Short (hamstring/back), and rookie Wide Receiver Curtis Samuel (hamstring) are still missing time on the practice field. Receiver Kelvin Benjamin’s legs got a little wobbly according to Ron Rivera and had to sit out close to the end of practice. Undrafted rookie wideout Fred Ross did not show up for practice. According to Coach Rivera, “he is resting.”

Charles Johnson, ¬†Panthers Defensive End, explains why he had back surgery in the off-season. He knew something was wrong when got out of bed and couldn’t even walk for two weeks. He stated, “The surgery helped tremendously and the pain is gone.”

FanFest drew in a huge crowd as it usually does. I love that the Panthers do this. There was a lot of cameras and recording going on. Rookie Running Back Christian McCaffrey put on show for the cameras. Making plays while showing the crowd his speed and moves. Luke Kuechly knows all about the moves as McCaffrey juked him in a video that went viral. McCaffrey is going to be special. Just wait. Offensive Tackle Taylor Motion appeared on the offensive coaches’ radar today. Giving Luke Kuechly a battle in the trenches today. He looked very calm under pressure. Taylor Motion and Daryl Williams are currently fighting for the starting Offensive Tackle spot.


Photo Credits: Carolina Panthers Website

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