KAT and Butler are “OK” with a Wiggins Exit

In my last article, I talked about why the Timberwolves trading for Kyrie Irving would be a big mistake. However, it was rumored today that Karl Anthony-Towns and Jimmy Butler are okay with the Timberwolves giving up Andrew Wiggins for Kyrie Irving. This truly comes as a big surprise to me because Jimmy Butler has yet to play a game for the Timberwolves and may be possibly throwing some shade at his new teammate. It does make some sense that Butler may want him out of town because Butler and Wiggins play all same positions. This may be a struggle sometimes for the versatility of the Timberwolves lineups and matchups.  As for KAT throwing some shade at Wiggins, that is baffling. Towns and Wiggins have never once been rumored of having any sort of broken relationship at all.

I am unsure of why KAT and Butler would not give this team a chance before they start saying what other stars they want in or out of Minnesota.  While understanding that Kyrie Irving is one of the best scorers in the league, it also does not make sense to make Jeff Teague play a backup point guard role after signing him as one of their key additions this offseason. Kyrie would be able to move to the shooting guard position, but they would play very small lineups with very little defensive promise and potential. The guards of the Western Conference would have their way with Teague and Irving even if Tom Thibodeau is a defensive guru. Kyrie Irving has never been known for his defense, and to ask him to man up on players like Curry, Lillard, Westbrook, Thompson, and Harden would just end up being disastrous.

KAT and Butler are not understanding that adding Kyrie hurts them as an all around basketball team as well as in the future because of his lack of versatility on defense. They may see a scorer who can average at least in the mid 20’s in points per game, but they’re also going to lose touches and ball movement because of Kyrie’s isolation preferences. Wiggins can play way better as an off the ball player, which would allow Teague to control the point. Teague is much better at playing with the ball in his hands rather than an off the ball guard, which he would be if Kyrie were to land in Minnesota.

I understand why Butler and KAT want Kyrie Irving, but it truly would be a disastrous move and it actually may make their team worse off rather than improving them. It will be interesting to see if the Timberwolves ink Wiggins to a 5-year deal like each side wanted to; or if the Timberwolves are going to listen to their two stars and trade Wiggins for Kyrie. This offseason has been incredible and it just may be getting better if Kyrie does in fact get traded out of Cleveland.


Photo Credits: Basketball Society

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