Fantasy Football PPR RB Rankings

Welcome to our next edition of our Fantasy Football Preview: RB PPR Rankings.We have posted our full Quarterback Rankings Part 1 and Part 2. So make sure you check those out!

Numbers 1-30


1. Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye Week: 9)

The key to Bell is keeping him on the field for all 16 games. If he can do that he has a chance to have one of the best fantasy football seasons of all time. He does it all for the Steelers’ dynamic offense.

2. David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals (Bye Week: 8)

Johnson hopes to have 1,000 yards in not just rushing, but also receiving. That would be incredible if he can accomplish that feat. To me Johnson is more a 1A rather than number 2. You cannot go wrong with either Johnson or Bell.

3. Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas Cowboys (Bye Week: 6)

The Cowboys have lost some of the players from that dominant offensive line they had last year. However, I do not think that stops Zeke from being a top-5 RB. He will see 300+ touches a year on a team that loves to run the ball. The Cowboys will most likely be playing ahead in most games as well.

4. LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills (Bye Week: 6)

McCoy was robbed of a few touchdowns last year as the Bills deployed Mike Gillislee at the goal line. However, Gillislee is now in New England and McCoy should get those touches this year.

5. Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers (Bye Week: 9)

Gordon was the number 3 running back before he went down with a knee injury in week 14. I expect him to have an even stronger season this year. The Chargers also added some young, talented pieces to their offensive line that should help open up some holes for Gordon.

6. Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons (Bye Week: 5)

Atlanta has one of the best offensive lines in the league. There is a new offensive coordinator in town, which may like to feature Freeman more often rather than splitting with Coleman. Freeman is also in a contract year and wants to be the highest-paid RB in the NFL. All signs point to a monster season from Freeman.

7. Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins (Bye Week: 11)

Ajayi had 260 touches last season. Head Coach Adam Case told the media that Ajayi could see close to 350 touches this season! Ajayi had a nice season last year and if he can stay healthy he should build off that with more touches.

8. DeMarco Murray, Tennessee Titans (Bye Week: 8)

Murray may take a dip in production this year due to Derrick Henry creeping up behind him. However, he is playing behind one of the best offensive lines in the league. The Titans coaching staff also utilizes Murray’s best attribute: His strength. They have him pound the ball more rather than going east to west.

9. Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears (Bye Week: 9)

Jordan Howard finished second in the NFL in rushing yards last season. If he was more effective in the passing game he would be a top-5 RB. However, the Bears signed Benny Cunningham and drafted Tarik Cohen who are very good receivers out of the backfield. No one will take carries away from him, but he has less of an upside in ppr formats due to his lack of production in the passing game.

10. Lamar Miller, Houston Texans (Bye Week: 7)

Another player who would be in our top-5 if it was not for another playing stealing some production. Reports have it that rookie D’Onta Foreman will serve as the Texans’ goal-line back. Miller will once again get the bulk of the touches, but no one will respect Houston’s passing game.

11. Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams (Bye Week: 8)

Gurley was a huge disappointment last year, but I think he will improve his production from last season. New Head Coach Sean McVay’s goal is to use Gurley as much as he can. The Rams also added Andrew Whitworth to their offensive line. The biggest problem will be that no one will respect the passing game.

12. Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders (Bye Week: 10)

This was the hardest player for me to rank. Lynch has been out of football for about a year and a half. He will not have any nagging injuries, but he has been out of the game for a while. It helps that he will be behind a top offensive line that led Latavius Murray to 12 touchdowns last season.

13. Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye Week: 8)

The Jaguars selected Fournette with the 4th overall pick and Tom Coughlin told him that he wants to put the ball in his hands any time they’re near the end zone. The Jaguars do not have much of a threat to Fournette in the backfield. I expect Fournette to be a work horse for them. If he can improve in the passing game he can finish top-10.

14. Isaiah Crowell, Cleveland Browns (Bye Week: 9)

The Cleveland Browns may actually have the best offensive line in all of football. Yes, you read that right. Crowell averaged 4.8 ypc last season and he is very good in the passing game. The Browns also said they plan on using back up running back Duke Johnson as a slot receiver a bit this year, which leaves even more work for Crowell.

15. Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers (Bye Week: 11)

Why is McCaffrey in our top-15? Just watch him toying around with Luke Kuechly, one of the best linebackers in the league. Enough said.

16. Adrian Peterson, New Orleans Saints (Bye Week: 5)

I think Adrian Peterson will wind up with more touches than Mark Ingram by the end of the season. He will also receive most of the goal-line work. Peterson seems very determined this year and I expect him to have a revival in his career.

17. Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals (Bye Week: 6)

Mixon should have been a top 15 pick in this year’s draft, but off the field issues hurt his draft stock. He has all the talent in the world and neither Bernard or Hill produced much last season. I think Mixon will be the starting running back and is Bernard cannot fully recover he can finish in the top-12.

18. Carlos Hyde, San Francisco 49ers (Bye Week: 11)

I’m not buying into the Joe Williams hype. I still believe Hyde will be the starter in San Francisco. He is one of the more elusive backs in the league and no matter how bad the 49ers are, Hyde will still be able to produce.

19. Ty Montgomery, Green Bay Packers (Bye Week: 8)

The Packers did draft two running backs in the draft, but Montgomery is the starter. He was great in ppr formats when he became the starter. He will also get more opportunities to run the ball.

20. CJ Anderson, Denver Broncos (Bye Week: 11)

The Broncos have added some nice pieces to their offensive line this off-season. I do not think Booker will cut into Anderson’s workload as much as people expect. However, if Charles stays healthy I do expect him to cut into it a bit.

20. Eddie Lacy, Seattle Seahawks (Bye Week: 6)

Reports have it that Lacy is working on improving his weight this off-season. A bad offensive line will not help him out much in Seattle. He was having a solid season with Green Bay before he was injured. If he continues to watch his weight I think he is a sleeper this year.

21. Bilal Powell, New York Jets (Bye Week: 11)

Matt Forte showed his age towards the end of the season and Powell took full advantage of his opportunities. Over the last four games of the season, Powell was only outscored by Le’Veon Bell. Powell should be the starter this year and is a very nice RB2-Flex play in PPR formats.

22. Eddie Lacy, Seattle Seahawks (Bye Week: 6)

Reports have it that Lacy is working on improving his weight this off-season. A bad offensive line will not help him out much in Seattle. He was having a solid season with Green Bay before he was injured. If he continues to watch his weight I think he is a sleeper this year.

23. Spencer Ware, Kansas City Chiefs (Bye Week: 10)

Ware should start the season as the Chiefs’ starting running back. However, there are rumors that Kareem Hunt could steal his job as the season progresses. Ware started off hot, but started to fade towards the end of the season.

24. Danny Woodhead, Baltimore Ravens (Bye Week: 10)

I love, love, love Danny Woodhead in ppr formats. He was having a terrific season for the Chargers last season before going down. If he can stay healthy I think he will be an absolute STEAL in ppr drafts. The Ravens do not have a clear cut starter and Woodhead can battle for that job.

25. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings (Bye Week: 9)

Latavius Murray was signed this off-season to be their starting running back. That did not go as planned. Murray has not played yet due to foot surgery and Cook has been opening some eyes at training camp. Cook should be the starter and if Murray does not take away any of his work, Cook can finish in the top-20.

26. Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts (Bye Week: 11)

As the years go on I keep thinking Gore is too old to do this. Every year I am wrong. However, I think this is the year Gore’s production really drops. They drafted Marlon Mack in this year’s draft and I expect him to cut into Gore’s workload.

27. LeGarrette Blount, Philadelphia Eagles (Bye Week: 10)

Blount should get most of the goal-line work and split touches with Matthews. On top of that Matthews seems to get hurt every single year and the Eagles’ have an outstanding offensive line. I would not be surprised to see Matthews go down again and Blount become a workhorse.

28. Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions (Bye Week: 7)

The Lions did not add a big back in free agency this year and Theo Riddick had surgery on his wrists. Abdullah should get another shot at being the starting running back for the Lions. He could also see an increase in the passing game if Riddick has a tough time recovering.

29. Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saint (Bye Week: 5)

Ingram split time with Tim Hightower last year, but performed well. However, Peterson is not Hightower. If Peterson gets going I could see Ingram being pushed down and losing some work. I would handcuff Ingram and Peterson if the option was there.

30. Paul Perkins, New York Giants (Bye Week: 8)

The Giants have a dynamic passing attack. Paul Perkins seems to be the clear starter in New York as they did not add a running back in free agency. If the offensive line can open up some holes for Perkins he can have a very good season.


Numbers 31-60


31. Mike Gillislee, New England Patriots (Bye Week: 9)
32. Theo Riddick, Detroit Lions (Bye Week: 10)
33. Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Bye Week: 11)
34. James White, New England Patriots (Bye Week: 9)
35. CJ Prosise, Seattle Seahawks (Bye Week: 6)
36. Duke Johnson, Cleveland Browns (Bye Week: 9)
37. Matt Forte, New York Jets (Bye Week: 11)
38. Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs (Bye Week: 5)
39. Robert Kelly, Washington Redskins (Bye Week: 5)
40. Samaje Perine, Washington Redskins (Bye Week: 5)
41. Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles (Bye Week: 10)
42. Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers (Bye Week: 7)
43. Giovani Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals (Bye Week: 6)
44. Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans (Bye Week: 8)
45. Latavius Murray, Minnesota Vikings (Bye Week: 6)
46. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints (Bye Week: 5)
47. Thomas Rawls, Seattle Seahawks (Bye Week: 6)
48. Jalen Richard, Oakland Raiders (Bye Week: 10)
49. Terrance West, Baltimore Ravens (Bye Week: 10)
50. Kenneth Dixon, Baltimore Ravens (Bye Week: 10)
51. Jamaal Charles, Denver Broncos (Bye Week: 11)
52. Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals (Bye Week: 6)
53. Jacquizz Rodgers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Bye Week: 5)
54. Chris Thompson, Washington Redskins (Bye Week: 5)
55. Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots (Bye Week: 9)
56. Shane Vereen, New York Giants (Bye Week: 8)
57. Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers (Bye Week: 8)
58. Marlon Mack, Indianapolis Colts (Bye Week: 11)
59. Joe Williams, San Francisco 49ers (Bye Week: 11)
60. Dion Lewis, New England Patriots (Bye Week: 9)


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