Warriors: This Week in Stephen Curry

Bay Area, CA | The Warriors are off to a quick start in the news this week. Here is your quick guide to stories that made, or flew under, the headlines this week in DubNation. SPOILER ALERT: This is Steph Curry’s world, and we’re just living in it.

SC30 Asia Tour (NBA.com): During his Asia Tour, the Curry brothers (Steph and Seth) are made their way through Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Seoul (traveling with Under Armour). Curry’s tour made some headlines, including giving a lucky fan a pair of his own shoes – humorously ripping off a pair of LeBron James shoes from the lucky fan’s feet. It also included an alley-oop from Ayesha Curry; famous wife, author, and chef.

Steph on “The View” (SFGate): US Navy veteran Timothy Birkhead was given a custom-built home, which was unveiled on the television show “The View.” During Mr. Birkhead’s initial tour of the home, Curry appears to everyone’s surprise. Birkhead’s family are fans. He was even given a dog, which he says he is going to name “LeBron.” Not sure how I feel about that.

Steph Trolls LeBron (NBCS Bay Area): At the wedding for former Warriors teammate Harrison Barnes, an unlikely pair were filmed enjoying the apparent poking of fun at superstar/nemesis F LeBron James. That unlikely pair was none other than Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving. I know there’s a there there, but I’m sure it was all in good fun. By the way, Steph crashed a random party afterwards. Totally normal.

Dwyane Wade on Steph (NBCS Bay Area): When Dwyane Wade was asked by Blue Man Hoop how anyone was supposed to slow down Steph Curry, Wade responded with the following tweet – proving what we already knew – that Ayesha Curry is the real MVP:

Pray that every grocery store in the world go out of business and his wife can’t cook him any food. Whatever she’s cooking it’s working https://twitter.com/bluemanhoop/status/892267963604127744 

To the News: For those that care about actual basketball stuff, the Warriors officially resigned C JaVale McGee – while G Ian Clarke is signing with the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Joseph is an Oakland native and fan of his hometown Oakland teams since the 80s. He has worked in public service as a private citizen and military service member. Joseph also writes for The Moderate Nation (twitter: @moderatenation), a moderate/centrist political blog, and plays saxophone for San Francisco-based salsa band Orquesta Borinquen (twitter: @OBorinquen). He lives and works in the East Bay with his wife and three children. | twitter: eastbayfanatic | email: eastbayfanatic@gmail.com

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