The Dodgers won’t win the World Series, and here’s why

The Los Angeles Dodgers are arguable the best team in baseball right now. The 75-31 Dodgers have a 14.5 game lead in the National League West, and are the favorites to win the World Series. But despite all they have, they wont win the Fall Classic.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a lot going for them right now. They have the National League Rookie of the Year in Cody Bellinger, who is going to also make a strong MVP case. They also have the best pitcher on the planet in Clayton Kershaw, doing supernatural things every fifth day. Alex Wood has also been a surprise for them, along with Justin Turner. They also acquired a bunch of pitchers at the deadline, most notably being Yu Darvish.

They are a ridiculous 42-10 since the start of June, and are the hottest team in baseball at the moment. They don’t seem to lose at all, and when they do, they rattle off a win streak right after. They have are the clear World Series favorites heading in the August, but despite all they have, they wont take on the Commissioners trophy in October.

The Dodgers are also on pace to win Major League Baseball’s regular season title, only competing with the Houston Astros for best record in the Majors. History has shown that the team that finishes with the best record in the Majors does not go on to win the World Series. Over the past 25 years, only three teams who finished with the best record went on to win the World Series.

Since the 1994 strike, there have been 25 World Series played. Only the 2016 Cubs, (103-58) the 2009 Yankees, (103-59), and the 1998 Yankees, (114-48) finished with the best record and went on to win the World Series. In fact, there have been more Wild Card Teams (6) to win the World Series than teams with the best record. Six teams that couldn’t even win their division, but managed to win the World Series.

Over the years, baseball has shown that the best team doesn’t always win the World Series. The 2001 Mariners, who won a record 116 games, didn’t even win the American League title, let alone the World Series. That was a team that had AL Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Ichiro Suzuki, as well as multiple players with 100+ RBI. That Mariners team was one of the most talented teams to ever be assembled on a field, and the 92 win Arizona Diamondbacks ended up winning the World Series. Without the Mariners even in it.

The best team doesn’t always win the World Series, the team that gets hot at the right time does. Statistics and past trends have shown that the Dodgers are not in good company when it comes to their World Series odds.

The Dodgers haven’t taken home a World Series title since 1988, and their fans will have to wait at least a year longer before they celebrate their seventh title. They have a lot of young talent and are poised for a fantastic future, but 2017 just wont be their year.


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Cory is a corner infielder and pitcher with a passion for playing, writing, and learning about baseball. You can follow him on twitter @CBearr57 and @BaseballQuotes1, or contact him at

One thought on “The Dodgers won’t win the World Series, and here’s why”

  1. The Dodgers haven’t won a pair of 7gm series since, well, 1988. They’ve been 0-4 in the NLCS, winning at least 1 game but no more than 2. As far as the 5gm NLDS, you can’t blame the Dodgers for winning the NLDS. Last yr in Washington, Kershaw and the Dodgers celebrated as much as the Cubs did when they beat them in the NLCS.. The problem is, they’ve lost the NLDS 6x since 1995. It seems like this Dodgers team has a mission of “Division or bust”, reminding me of the Atlanta Braves from 2000-2005. Ha! Stan Kasten ought to know,


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