Is This a Make or Break Season for the Miami Dolphins?

Where do the Miami Dolphins stand in the NFL? Will they be an 11-5, 8-8, or 5-11 team? They will need to prove a lot to become a top-tier team in the NFL.


Ryan Tannehill has been in the league for 5 seasons already and has only led the Dolphins to one over .500 season. (2016 Season, Started first 13 games before becoming injured leading team to an 8-5 record). Ryan Tannehill has statistically improved every season he plays, but still does not show the energy and leadership most franchise quarterbacks show. Tannehill has been given many weapons over the years but has not been able to connect to them like he should. He now has a young and talented receiving crew such as Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker, Kenny Stills, and even Julius Thomas. How useful will they be this season for Tannehill? That’s for us to find out. Ryan Tannehill has been showing a lot of confidence in the beginning of this year’s camp. He has reportedly said that this is his team and his offense. Will this leadership carry on to the field this season?


Jay Ajayi had a breakout season in his sophomore year of the NFL. After starting the season as the backup running back to veteran Arian Foster, Ajayi had a problem with decision and was told not to report to the first game in Seattle after arguing. Ajayi started to shine while Foster was getting less attempts due to injuries. Foster was getting to beat up and decided to retire mid-season, officially naming Ajayi the Dolphins starter running back. After having multiple breakout games that season, Ajayi has shown he can be one of the elite running backs in the NFL. Will he carry this to the 2017 season?


The Dolphins have a lot to prove this season, to show if they can hang around with the top-tier teams.


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