Packers Cruise Dream Drive

Thursday, July 27th the Green Bay Packers officially opened up their 2017 Training camp. Like in years past, The Packers arrived in style. A tradition that has opened up Packer Camp since the 50's,  local children loan out bicycles to their favorite players for a lift down Dream Drive to the Don Hutson Center.

I remember first seeing this take place as a young boy, when my Packer fandom was in its infancy. All-time great players like Brett Favre, Reggie White, and Antonio Freeman, giants on the field showing up to camp on these undersized bicycles with fans giving chase, some even getting a lift on the back! A treat for both the fans, and the players. I'm happy to see the Tradition lives on today. A new generation of budding Packer fans getting to be involved in what is one of my first memories of being a Cheesehead!

The Packers will hold their annual Family Night Saturday, August 5th. They will also open up their  Pre-Season schedule the following Thursday, August 10, verses the Philadelphia Eagles.


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