Who is to blame for Chris Paul leaving Los Angeles?

Now that the dust has settled in NBA free agency we can fully digest the fallout for CP3 and the Clippers. Bleacherreport and ESPN reported that the main reason that CP3 left was due to Docs inability to trade his own flesh and blood for Carmelo Anthony and also how he favorited his son over everyone else. However, in recent days it was reported things got stale and everyone needed a fresh start. Since his arrival in 2011, the Clippers have averaged 50 wins a year.  If the reported trade proposal was true then I can see why Chris was frustrated. You could add an elite scorer in Melo and all you had to have to give up is Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers, and Paul Pierce. I understand Melo gets a lot of shit in the league for no effort on defense but he’s a hell of a scorer. A career score of 24.8 ppg and 6.6 rebounds and a PER of 20.9. He’s an upgrade over all three of those players combined. He would of fit in nicely with the Clippers “big three.” Plus gave Clippers another lethal free throw shooter. Sure, he’s on the wrong side of 30, 33 to be exactly and probably has about 2-3 years left of super productive scoring. It’s not to say that they could have beaten the Warriors in a series but needless to say it could have made things interesting. Who knows a trade to the Clippers would have infused a little life in to Melo. The Clippers would have been stuck in luxury tax and probably have chosen to give up on someone to make things work going forward. However, it would have worked for one year giving Blake’s and Chris’s options and with DeAndre having one more year on his deal.  Curious to see how the whole team dynamic would have worked. Who knows maybe adding Melo would have convinced Paul to resign only speculation. To end this argument, I think it’s easy to blame Doc for handling this poorly since he is the coach and President of Operations. Which I understand the reasoning due to his favoriting his son, who isn’t that good anyways, as mentioned earlier. However, in a league driven by results and titles getting to the playoffs every year just doesn’t cut it.


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