How Good of a Coach is Doc Rivers?

In Boston, once the Big Three of KG, Paul, and Jesus Shuttlesworth was assembled, Doc Rivers was revered as one of the top 5 coaches in all the league. He was finally praised as a genius and strategist that had been desperate to be claimed. In Boston, there was only a few coaches that we were willing to have: Pop, Carlisle, and one or two others. Doc was loved. The only maddingly frustrating thing about Doc was that never played rookies and young players. Plus, he loved playing vets and giving them a shit ton of minutes.  The reasoning behind it is justifiable due to not trusting younger players and having them “earn their minutes.”

In Doc’s career, he’s been beat in the playoffs in the first round 7 out of his 17 years coaching and only one title. His total record is 804-584, which is good for .579 percentage. While his coaching in the playoffs is 82-79 which is only .509.

So, to answer the question, how good of a coach is Doc? Well picture it as post season Doc as cable and regular season Doc as DirectTV. Not the results you want but at least he gets you to the playoffs. I understand a lot of the results are due to the personnel you’re given. There is no reason not to have gotten further with Chris, Blake, and DeAndre. So, for a team just looking to get to the playoffs he’s the man for you. However, I can name at least 8 good coaches ahead of him. Quin Snyder, Brad, Spo, Pop, Carlise, Kerr, Thibs, and D’Antoni. Just my opinion!


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