OKC Rumor Mill: Carmelo Anthony To The Thunder.

Let me start off by saying, if Sam Presti pulls this off, he is officially the best GM in basketball.

Now, I know this is highly unlikely; but who thought we would get George? My first offer would be Enes Kanter straight up. If they turned that down, go for a big hitter with Kanter, Singler, Christon and future 2nd.

If they somehow agreed, Melo would play the 4.  We would be a “small ball” starting lineup WB, Dre. PG, Melo, Adams. But we all know how billy Donovan like to stagger his stars. There is way too much potential in these lineups if this were to happen.

The number one concern on everyone’s mind “There is only one ball, how will they share?”

I know it may sound crazy, but Melo only plays BETTER when the 2/3 option on a team. See 2016 USA Olympic team. Melo is a great spot up shooter, can score post up, catch and shoot, off the dribble, etc.

Melo to OKC needs to happen; not just for fans, but for the NBA as a whole. If it does we’ll see OKC in conference finals. 2/3 seed.


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Jace Osborn-Sweet

Sports writer and analyst. Currently with the-sportstalk.com as the Oklahoma City Thunder writer. Also with LionLowdown.com as a writer.

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