Milwaukee Bucks Free Agent Targets Part Two:

Last week I looked at different free agent options for the Milwaukee Bucks’ Bi-Annual Exception, worth approximately 3.2 Million. In this week’s article I will take a look at different more impactful targets that could be targeted with the teams full Mid-Level Exception.

One important note is the Bucks are currently against the hard cap and would only be able to spend 4.4 Million of the 7.6 Million that is left of their Mid-Level Exception. This room would need to be carved out via trade, the most obvious candidates being Monroe, Teletovic, and Henson.

Here is a list of potential options:

Derrick Rose – The mutual interest between these two parties has been well documented. While Rose is a player with flaws that have been discussed at length I do have some hope if brought to the Bucks he could turn things around. Lets not forget this was the youngest MVP of the league at one point in his career. While he certainly has regressed due to a multitude of injuries, last year was his healthiest in a long time and another season of health may bring more stability.

Derrick also won’t be the primary ballhandeler for the first time in his career. This may cause growing pains at first, however, as he learns to adjust he may find better success driving when defenses are not set and attacking off of a close-out.  Rose comes from New York where he was one of the main threats, at 7 million the expectations and role will be much smaller.

I’m just as skeptical as many of you with this deal, but I am not ruling the chance of success out.

Mason Plumlee – What if I told you Milwaukee was able to trade one Plumlee and sign another, better Plumlee next off season for a cheaper price. I know everyone has stress from Miles, but Mason is a player. He provides passing, decent rim protection, and good play for a backup center.

A couple months ago many thought Mason would receive far more than this considering what he was traded for (Nurkic and a 1st). Since that point the center market has died. Even Noel is having trouble receiving an offer sheet and the Bucks may be able to get Mason on a good deal.

Mo Speights – MO BUCKETSSS! Timeline wise Mo does not fit what this team is building towards. He can, however, provide valuable spacing to a team that desperately needs it. Mo would be an addition, less for his role in future teams, but instead to help the growth and potential of the true core of the team, Giannis, Parker, Brogdon, and Maker.

It is very possible the Bucks do not make a signing with their Mid-Level and if they do they may just use the 4.4 that is available to them at this time. Although if they do decide to clear the space, take a look at these three potential players.


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