Should the Steelers sign Le’Veon Bell Long Term?

There’s a debate about what to do with Le’Veon bell and his contract. He was given the Franchise tag and has until 4:00 PM on July 17 to come to a long term deal. So should the Steelers sign him long term? I’d like to debate someone on this but I’m the only person in this room (besides my dog), so I’ll just debate myself.

Joe: Of course they should sign Bell long term! He’s the best running back in the league!
Other Joe: Best in the league? Yeah, when he’s not injured or suspended. He’s been suspended the last 2 years for marijuana and also injured the last 2 years. What good is he if you can’t count on him to play?

Joe: Oh please he won’t get suspended again. Plus they drafted James Conner so they’ll have a reliable backup in case he gets injured.

Other Joe: He won’t get suspended again? HAHAHAHA
Joe: Okay well it makes financial sense to sign him long term. If Steelers franchise him this year, they’ll pay him $12 million guaranteed. If they franchise him next year, they’ll pay him $14 million. Sign him to a 5 year contract for $45 million and they’ll save money!
Other Joe: Why sign a Steelers running back long term? Tomlin is known for giving his running backs a heavy workload. He’s known to run them ‘until the wheels fall off’. Look what he did to Willie Parker! Bell is only going to be good for a couple more years anyway.

Bottom line: It makes sense for both sides to agree to a long term contract. Just put in severe penalties if he gets caught smoking pot again. Besides, NFL contracts are worthless anyway. They can just cut him after a couple years anyway.


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