Which young receiver will step up for the Texans?

Will Fuller V, Braxton Miller, and Jaelen Strong. These three young receivers on this team are ready to break out and take the next step to better their games.  All 3 of these guys are under the age of 25 as “Nuk” is 25 himself.  DeAndre Hopkins is the number 1 Receiver of this group of wide receivers, but anyone of these other three guys can grow and blossom to be a solid number 2 receiver behind Hopkins on this up and coming team!

Will Fuller V is as a 2016 1st round draft pick who ran a 4.32 official 40-yard dash which was the fastest that year at the NFL Combine.  Fuller was taken in the 1st round for that very reason, SPEED!  He can really fly, so his mainstay are deep fly routes down the field that he can actually get to!  Fuller has very good speed and is definitely one of the fastest guys in the game, his only problem he has to fix are his drops because last year he was ragged on for dropping balls in big moments of games.  If he fixes that problem, which I think he definitely will this year, then I think he can be a great number 2 behind DeAndre.

Braxton Miller is a 2016 3rd round draft pick who is a converted Quarterback to Wide Receiver.  Braxton missed the whole 2014 college football season with a shoulder injury and medical redshirted.  He then came back in 2015 as a converted wide receiver after switching positions to help boost his draft stock.  The Texans took a chance on him and Braxton has shown flashes of being a great number 2 or 3 receiver option on your depth chart, but his season was cut short last year due to injury.  He did start the season as the number 3 receiver on the depth chart as a rookie so the potential is definitely there!  For a converted quarterback to wide receiver, Braxton has great speed and good hands.

Jaelen Strong is a 2015 3rd round pick who is a big, strong, physical receiver.  Listed at 6’2 but I definitely think he can be 6’3, Jaelen is also fast as he ran a 4.4 40-yard dash at the combine.  he saw little action his rookie season, and last year during his second season he got hurt in Week 8 and after 5 more weeks of being out with the injury, he was finally placed on season-ending IR.  Once Strong is on the field and completely healthy, he will be a definite handful for defenses to deal with!  He is just another weapon the Texans are using to build around at Wide Receiver.

All 3 of the guys mentioned above have the potential to be good and a great number 2 option opposite side Hopkins.  Whether head coach Bill O’Brien gives the starting nod to Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson remains to be seen, but it was stated before by Coach O’Brien and GM Rick Smith that “Tom is our starter” in April back when the team drafted Deshaun Watson in the first round.  Regardless of who is going to start at QB, we can safely assume Hopkins will regain his rhythm and produce big numbers.  Especially with ole Brock Osweiler out of town, I think Hopkins will mesh well with either Quarterback that starts.  It still leaves one question, which young receiver will step up for the Texans and take over that number 2 depth chart spot?



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