MLB Final Standings & Playoffs Predictions

The second half of the MLB season starts this Friday, July 14th. In this post I will give you my prediction for what I feel the final standings will look like. I will also outline the playoffs.

AL East:

1. Boston Red Sox 95-67
2. New York Yankees 87-75
3. Toronto Blue Jays 81-81
4. Tampa Bay Rays 80-82
5. Baltimore Orioles 78-84

AL Central:

1. Cleveland Indians 93-69
2. Kansas City Royals 83-79
3. Minnesota Twins 80-82
4. Detroit Tigers 75-87
5. Chicago White Sox 72-90

AL West:

1. Houston Astros 103-59
2. Texas Rangers 85-77
3. Seattle Mariners 81-81
4. Los Angeles Angels 80-82
5. Oakland Athletics 71-91

NL East:

1. Washington Nationals 97-65
2. New York Mets 81-81
3. Atlanta Braves 79-83
4. Miami Marlins 75-87
5. Philadelphia Phillies 61-101

NL Central:

1. Chicago Cubs 85-77
2. Milwaukee Brewers 83-79
3. St. Louis Cardinals 81-81
4. Pittsburgh Pirates 78-84
5. Cincinnati Reds 74-88

NL West:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers 101-61
2. Arizona Diamondbacks 95-67
3. Colorado Rockies 91-71
4. San Diego Padres 71-91
5. San Francisco Giants 69-93

AL Playoff Standings:

1. Houston Astros
2. Boston Red Sox
3. Cleveland Indians
4. New York Yankees
5. Texas Rangers

NL Playoff Standings:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers
2. Washington Nationals
3. Chicago Cubs
4. Arizona Diamondbacks
5. Colorado Rockies

Wild-Card Match Ups:

Rangers v Yankees:
The Rangers got hot in the second half and made a playoff push. The Yankees were one of the best teams in the AL in the beginning of the season, but started falling off at the end of the first half. However, they managed to fight their way into the playoffs. Without any trades, the Yankees will start Tanaka will the Rangers will go with either Hamels or Darvish. The starting pitching match up is pretty even, so this game will come down to the lineup and relief pitching. The Yankees have the edge in those two departments and move onto the ALDS.

Diamondbacks v Rockies:
The dominant NL West will send three teams to the playoffs this year. The Diamondbacks will send out Zack Greinke, who is having an outstanding year, while the Rockies most likely send out Jon Gray. A one game series comes down to starting pitching. The Diamondbacks obviously have the edge with Greinke on the mound and go onto win this game.

Division Series Match Ups:

Astros v Yankees:
This will be a very fun series to watch. Probably the two teams with the most young, upcoming stars. The Astros have a huge edge in the pitching department, both starting and relief. I would usually give the Yankees an edge over anybody when it comes to relief pitching, but Chapman and Betances have not been themselves. Both lineups have some serious pop. I think the Astros take this one in 3 games. A clean sweep!

Red Sox v Indians:
Dominant pitchers all over. Sale, Kluber, Kimbrel, Miller, Allen, etc. I think this will be a very low-scoring series. The Red Sox hold home-field advantage, but the Indians made it all the way last year before losing in the World Series. This series goes five games with the Indians taking it. I give them the edge because I think the recent experience is key.

Dodgers v Diamondbacks:
Two division foes going head to head. Cannot ask for much better in the playoffs. Kershaw has struggled in the postseason, but I think he changes it around this year. The Dodgers also have one of the best, if not the best, closers in the game in Kenley Jansen. He will be a huge key in this series. Kershaw beats Greinke twice, while Jansen will save both of those games. Knowing each other so well and being so competitive, this series will go 5 games. The Dodgers take it 3-2.

Nationals v Cubs:
The Cubs get healthy and hot down the stretch. The Nationals lineup and starting pitching carries them all the way to home-field advantage in the NLDS. They bolster their bullpen with a few trades, but they do not make a big enough splash. The hot and experienced Cubs quiet the Nationals’ lineup in this series. The Cubs take this series in 4 games.

Championship Series Match Ups:

Astros v Indians:
The first thing that comes to my mind with this series is Correa v Lindor. The two biggest, young shortstops in the American League. The Astros have been the best team in the American League this year, but it does not matter when it comes to the playoffs. Anything can happen. In this series, that anything does happen. The Indians were so close last year and they’re hungry to get back to the World Series. They want that chance again and they get it. This series goes the distance. Lindor tries to prove he is the better of the two in this series as he is named ALCS MVP. Indians take it 4-3.

Dodgers v Cubs:
So they meet again … Like the Astros, the Dodgers have been the best team in the National League all year long. Unlike the Astros, the Dodgers finish the deed. Kershaw and Jansen continue their dominance. The LA Kid, Cody Bellinger carries the Dodgers’ lineup throughout this series. The Cubs put up a good fight and get hot enough to get this far in the playoffs after a slow start to the season. However, it isn’t enough. They broke the curse last year, but they miss the World Series this year. There is not deja vu this year, as there is a new National League Champion. Clayton Kershaw is named MVP and the Dodgers take this series 4-2.

World Series Match Up:

Indians v Dodgers:
The moment we have all been waiting for. We will crown a new champion this year! Once again a series with dominant pitching. This will be a low-scoring series and a very dramatic series. The Indians thought they had it last year, but were heart broken in the end. Lindor does not have his best season, but he comes through when his team needs him most. He continues his hot streak throughout the playoffs. The Indians get to finally rejoice! Lindor is named the MVP and this series goes the distance. It doesn’t quite top last year’s World Series, but it is one for the ages. The Indians take the series 4-3. Congrats, Cleveland!


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