Why Carmelo Anthony to Houston Makes Me Drink

Rumor mills keep spitting out the Carmelo Anthony is going to leave the New York Knicks and become a Houston Rocket.

Open up a bottle of scotch and pour a shot. Actually, make it a double.

This is a deep seeded, fixed root resentment that dates back to when I was thirteen years old. Cue the flashback music, I’m about to get all sentimental. The year was 1994, and the Knicks had the pick of the East while Michael Jordan was swinging for the fences in Birmingham. New York had a killer roster and they marched their way into the finals to butt heads with Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets.


The Rockets were good, mostly because they were centered around “The Dream”. But I was thirteen, my favorite player was Patrick Ewing, and I had every piece of confidence in the world that my hero would be able to stop Hakeem and bring the championship to New York. Especially with Jordan temporarily distracted.

Three of the most amazing things happened on Friday June 17th, 1994. First and foremost, the Knicks took a 3-2 lead over the Rockets practically ensuring the championship. The second thing was that my Grandmother let me stay up to watch the whole game, which usually never happened, but she was so distracted by the third thing that she lost sight of what time it actually was.

The third thing was the O.J. Simpson was leading Los Angeles and the rest of the country on a slow speed chase and standoff. Yup, the White Bronco that changed the course of this country forever.

Oh, you don’t think so? Without O.J. there would be no Kardashians. See what I mean. The next two NBA finals games went to the Houston Rockets. John Starks played like crap, Ewing got manhandled, and the hopes and dreams of a thirteen year old were crushed.

I cried I know that. The first and last time I ever cried because of sports on Television. Ever since then I’ve hated the Rockets. I blamed O.J. I blamed Hakeem. I blamed Starks. I blamed myself for not wearing my lucky Ewing jersey. I blamed my parents for not letting me stay up to watch all of Game 7.

Now Carmelo could be going to the only team in the NBA that I “hate”. I grew up watching Syracuse basketball and being a Knicks fan, so Melo to the Knicks was awesome.


But I don’t blame him for leaving. The Knicks organization is a tire fire. Who would want to be a part of that beside Tim Hardaway Jr.?

If Carmelo goes to Houston, you’ll know where to find me; at the end of the bar, over a glass of scotch, reminiscing over a simpler time, when Jordan played baseball, the Knicks didn’t suck, and the world was still Kardashian free.


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Anthony Norman White

Anthony Norman White is a writer from New York, John Candy Enthusiast, Pi's Dad, Musician, Author of Literary Fiction and Poetry, Hip Hop Fanatic.

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