The 2017 Off-season; Another Disappointing one for the Lakers

The Lakers off-season has been and will continue to be extremely disappointing. The three “big moves” the Lakers have made this off-season were exercised their option on David Nwaba, released Tarik Black, and signed Lonzo Ball. The Lakers were unable to keep Nick Young, which allowed him to sign with the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. The Lakers may have acquired Brook Lopez, but this may only bring false hope. Brook Lopez may only be a Laker for the 2017-2018 season.

The Lakers also lost one of the most promising guards in the NBA in D’angelo Russell, and it is still yet to be seen whether Lonzo will be better than D Russ. In addition, the Lakers did not successfully trade for Paul George, and they allowed him to get traded to Oklahoma City. This makes it unclear whether the Lakers will be able to sing PG when he becomes a free agent next year.

The Lakers as of late have been one of the worst teams in every off-season. This trend may continue next year if they cannot sign Paul George. However, there are rumors that Klay Thompson and Paul George have interest in joining the Lakers together in 2018. This could bring promise to the Lakers in a hurry, but it still may not be enough to lead the Lakers to another NBA Finals.

Lastly, there are even reports that LeBron may want to be a Laker with some of his Banana Boat brothers. It would be interesting to see if the Lakers could bring LeBron, D-Wade, CP3, and Melo all to the Lakers like it is rumored to potentially happen. It will be interesting to see if the Lakers 2018 off-season is much like the 2017, or if it could potentially be the best off-season by any one team in NBA history. Only time will tell whether the Lakers can become relevant again in just one great off-season!


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