Is Paul George Staying in OKC?

Paul George’s recent statement of “it’s too early to talk about him going to the Lakers” changed the outlook on the Thunders future.

Paul also stated that he’d be “dumb” to leave OKC if they are winning and added that he is all about winning and won’t leave a for LA unless thy have a real team forming. (Unless Russ/another star comes to LA) so it’s safe to say the DangeRuss/PG13 combo may be staying in Oklahoma for a while to come.

He further explained that if he and Westbrook can make a deep playoff run, he would be open to the recruiting process and possibly bringing another star to OKC.

Paul George seemed unhappy in Indiana due to losing and just wanted a fresh start with a good team. OKC seems to be the perfect place, coming off an 47 win season with the reigning MVP there is much more to come here.

If you ask me, I’d put my money on PG staying, he’s all about winning and as long as OKC wins 55+ and gets at least to the second round/conference finals this core should stay intact and only adding more talent.


Published by

Jace Osborn-Sweet

Sports writer and analyst. Currently with Sports Radio Detroit writing for the Pistons and Lions.

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