HR Derby Recap

MLB you have done it right, finally! I now fully love the bracket format. The HR Derby is now must watch TV over All-Star weekend. To no surprise Aaron Judge put on a performance. Lets recap the night right here.


The night started off by Miguel Sano beating out Mike Moustakas. Sano is a very underrated power threat and he does not get the attention he deserves. Sano became the fastest Dominican-born player to hit 50 HRs. Next up we had the first shocker of the night. Gary Sanchez beating the reigning HR Derby champ, Giancarlo Stanton. They both put on a show as they cracked 17 and 16 homers respectively. Stanton’s homers averaged 451 feet and he hit his furthest at 496 feet! However, he lost the round and was upset by El Gary. The LA Kid stole the show next. Cody Bellinger beat Charlie Blackmon on a buzzer-beater! Bellinger hit his 15th homer of the round to outlast Blackmon by one. The real show of the first round started when Justin Bour and Aaron Judge came up. Bour put on a showcase smacking 22 homers! Unfortunately for him, his opponent was Aaron Judge. Judge smacked a whopping 23 homers and knocked one 501 feet! The first round was dominated by the New York Yankees.


We were down to four: Sanchez, Sano, Bellinger and Judge. Sano and Sanchez squared up first and Sanchez’s cinderella run came to an end. Sneaky Sano beat Sanchez by one, 11 to 10. One of the most look forward to match-ups of the night was next. The likely AL and NL Rookies of the Year face off. Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger! Two kids from two different coasts. East vs West. New York vs Los Angeles. You could not script it much better. Once again, Aaron Judge came out on top. He smacked 13 homers to Bellinger’s 12, but the story does not end there. As if 501 feet was not impressive enough, Judge smacked one 513 feet! It was the longest shot of the night.


This is it. Judge vs Sano! Sano started out the round by hitting 10 homers. Everyone knew that was not going to be enough to stop Judge. However, we did not expect him to do it with such ease. He smacked 11 homers in about 2 minutes! Balls that looked like they were hit off the end of the bat were going 400 feet! Judge is an animal and he has such a bright future ahead of him. He is becoming one of the biggest names in all of baseball. People, when you hear his name, turn the TV on. The man is MUST SEE TV!


This was one to remember. A very fun derby to watch. We hope to see Judge again next year. Stanton should follow as well, as he needs to redeem himself. I’m sure we were hoping for a Stanton-Judge final, I know I was. Maybe next year!


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Nicholas LoPrinzi

I'm a washed up D3 college baseball player who is pursuing their MBA in Accounting. I love baseball, basketball, and football; while rooting for the New York Mets, New York Knicks, and New York Giants. Most of the time it is full of misery. I have recently found a passion for writing about sports. I have posted a few articles for Last Word on Sports and I have now created my own website ( You can check out my articles there and also follow the twitter account @_thesportstalk.

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