2017 Bears Camp Outlook, Eyes on QBs

The Chicago Bears will report to Bourbonnais for training camp on July 26th and begin activities on July 27th. While still a few weeks away there is a lot of new interest with the rebuilding Bears and their young squad going into the season.

GM Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox will enter their third season in their respective positions but will handle a lot of new faces. Obviously the two talked about most are the quarterbacks seeing as one was signed as a free agent and one was drafted as the future of the franchise. Mike Glennon was signed to the Bears in the offseason and was promised the starting role going into this season. Mitchell Trubisky was the first round pick in the draft in a shocking move by Ryan Pace trading up to get him with San Francisco and is the project for the long-term future.

The 27-year old Glennon was signed to a 3-year, $45 million deal with $19 million guaranteed in March, before the drafting of Trubisky. When he was drafted there arose some questions on who would play right away, and Trubisky appears to be sitting behind Glennon in 2017 as he develops. While the whole “learn behind a veteran” thing for quarterbacks has worked before with other teams, there is skepticism about that approach considering Trubisky is learning behind a 5-13 career QB who has not started since 2014. Understandably so it is easy to also want to see your future as soon as you can.

The chances of this approach changing during camp (barring injury) seem tiny. Glennon is on a new team with a new system and coach. Hope that he can play well to where he can increase some trade stock and provides a positive impact in Trubisky’s development. It is important to note that Trubisky as of right now has to get his rookie deal signed before he participates in training. With a few weeks to go and confidence from both parties is seems like a deal will be reached by then.

So much more will be talked about when the two are on the field working with the team and coaches, but one thing is for sure that eyes will be very focused on them.


By: Alex Patt


Published by

Alex Patt

23 year old college graduate with a bachelor degree in broadcast communication who loves writing and podcasting about Chicago sports.

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