OKC Striking Gold So Far This Off-Season

With the additions of Patrick Patterson, Paul George and Raymond Felton this OKC squad is looking a lot nicer than last years. 

Here are a few of the many starting lineups OKC can deploy.

1. Small ball: Westbrook/Abrines/Roberson/George/Patterson

2. Defensive: Westbrook/Roberson/George/Grant/Adams 

3. Scoring: Westbrook/Abrines/George/Patterson/Kanter

4. Big ball: Westbrook/Roberson/George/Kanter/Adams

5. Shooting: Westbrook/Abrines/McDermott/George/Patterson

With all these different lineup possibilities this Thunder team could beat any team in my opinion. They have done nothing but get much, much better over the offseason adding the top 4 needs (secondary playmaker, shooters, secondary scorer, depth) were all added this offseason and it’s all looking up from here. 

Sam Presti has made moves. Some good (see Paul George trade) some bad (see James harden trade) but in my eyes he is one of the best GMs in the league right now. They not only drafted the trio of Westbrook/Harden/KD, but traded for PG after KD decided he was leaving. A+ for this offseason. 


Published by

Jace Osborn-Sweet

Sports writer and analyst. Currently with Sports Radio Detroit writing for the Pistons and Lions.

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