Miami Heat Off-Season Overview To This Point

The Miami Heat have resigned both James Johnson and Dion Waiters this past week. James Johnson has signed a 4-Year/$60M contract, and Dion Waiters signed a 4-Year/$52 M Contract. Hassan Whiteside responded by saying, “I’m very confident that we can compete with all the top teams in the east right now”. Hassan also hasn’t had the best relationship with Kelly Olynyk who has just signed a 4-Year/$50M contract with the Miami Heat. Hassan responded to the Olynyk signing as well by saying, “I think Kelly Olynyk is a good signing he can stretch the floor, knock down shots, and can do a lot of different things, it’s hard to guard him. ”

 The Miami Heat also resigned Wayne Ellington, which is a great resign just off his shooting ability alone. Ellington’s shooting will help them have more shooters and space the floor while he is playing.

Chris Bosh has been waived by the Miami Heat and his jersey number will be retired by the the team. Now since Chris Bosh has been waived that is clearing up 52.1 million dollars for the Miami Heat. So now Miami will be able to look at premier free agents in the future. 


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