Bills Mafia Get Ready!

McCoy had an awesome 2016! Watch out in 2017-18. With everyone healthy so far this year. McCoy is set to be the Leading Rusher in the NFL! Wideout Sammy Watkins will be back,when healthy he has shown us his brilliance. Set up with Andre Holmes & Zay Jones the receiving corps should open the way for McCoy to be his Razzle Dazzle self. All goes well this year for the Bills. They could end their 17 year Playoff Drought! As fans we have to have some faith and just wait and see. Training Camp @ St. John Fisher College opens July 15! I’ll be there, hope to see all of you there BillsMafia!


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BigBillsFan! Hugh Sports Fanatic! Bills Fan Since 1965. Seen 2 AFL Championships. Been through the Great the Bad and the Ugly! That's what a True Bills Fan is! We always Support our Team!

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